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DoYourData Uninstaller Free DoYourData Uninstaller Pro DoYourData Uninstaller Pro + Super Eraser
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Limitation How long you can use the full features? 1 year Lifetime Lifetime
Uninstall & Deep Clean Support to easily uninstall programs/Apps/Plug-ins one by one or in batches. Thoroughly remove related files, clean up all leftovers. yes yes yes
Data Erasure
Shred Files Securely shred files and folders from hard drive or storage media.     yes
Wipe Hard Drive Wipe hard drive to permanently erase all data on the hard drive.     yes
Wipe Free Disk Space Wipe free disk space to securely erase deleted/lost data and traces.     yes
License & Support
License code   Lifetime single license code Lifetime single license code
Free lifetime updates   yes yes
Free lifetime technical support   yes yes
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