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"There will be times when you need to securely erase data on your hard drive so that it is not recoverable even with the best of data recovery software. Super Eraser is one such software that helps you securely erase your data with no traces using multiple wiping methods." -


"DoYourData Super Eraser enables you to permanently destroy and wipe data from hard drives and removable devices beyond any hope of recovery. With DoYourData Super Eraser, you’ll be able to erase data from PCs, hard drives, RAIDs, servers, USB drives memory cards, external drives, SD cards, and even digital cameras." -


"DoYourData Super Eraser offers comprehensive data erasure solution to help in permanently destroying and wiping data from hard drive or storage device..." -

"If you want to permanently and securely wipe data on Mac hard drive, digital device or other storage media, DoYourData Super Eraser for Mac is a good choice..." -

"DoYourData File Eraser offers secure and reliable file erasure solution for you to permanently erase files and folders from computer hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, digital camera, etc..." -


"In case your line of work entails working with various documents on different computers that you are clueless about their updates or level of protection, you can use DoYourData Super Eraser to wipe the data when you are done and have peace of mind..." -


"DoYourData Super Eraser does with it was designed to do in a straightforward and simple way, without any complicated settings or cryptic erasure options. It not only deletes your files securely – it shreds, destroys, and overwrites your data until it becomes untraceable..." -

"It lets you permanently and securely erase files/folders from SSD/HDD, USB flash drive, memory card, digital camera and other storage media to avoid data recovery..." -


"DoYourData Super Eraser is the NO.1 data erasure software that can permanently erase or wipe data from hard drive or storage device..." -


"Using advanced technology, DoYourData Super Eraser is capable of destroying and overwriting your data, permanently removing it from your hard drive. Nobody can recover the erased data even with the most powerful data recovery software..." -

"DoYourData File Eraser for Mac can help you securely and permanently shred files/folders from Mac computer, SSD, HDD, USB flash drive, memory card, digital camera and other storage device under Mac OS, making data recovery impossible..." -


"The three flexible data erasure modes can help computer users securely and permanently erase sensitive data before selling or disposing a computer..." -


"Before you sell your old computer, withdraw from a public PC, you'd better permanently erase the data that contains your private or business information to keep yourself from leakage of personal data. Super Eraser can help you do this job. It will permanently wipe data from hard drive or storage media..." -


"DoYourData Super Eraser cho phép bạn xóa dữ liệu an toàn và vĩnh viễn để giải phóng dung lượng cho ổ cứng, đồng thời giúp máy tính hoạt động nhanh hơn. Phần mềm cho phép xóa dữ liệu trên các phân vùng khác nhau, sử dụng thuật toán ghi đè lên không gian đĩa bị xóa. Các tập tin bị xóa sẽ không thể phục hồi lại cho dù người khác có sử dụng bất cứ một tiện ích khôi phục nào..." -