How to Recover Data When You Use exFAT File System?

exFAT is a file system that is used in the Windows. Every operating system contains some file systems through which you become able to format the drive and save data in it. Therefore, Windows has given the option of the exFAT file system, if NTFS I do not work. Most of the people try to format the SD card and Flash drive so that they could remove all the data from the Card and drive easily. But some of the SD cards and flash drive do not support the NTFS file system.

exFAT file system supports SD card and flash drive and remove all the data from it easily. The problem appears when you format all the data from the Card and drive and forget to take a backup and lost some important files. When you format anything, it's almost become impossible to get data back again into your computer from Card and drive.

Usually, people love to use different third-party software, but after the formation, it becomes very difficult to get data back again. When you delete the data from the drive then you can recover it easily but when you format the drive then almost it becomes impossible to get data again. You can purchase different paid software online who claim that they can recover the data from SD card or flash drive but these software does not become able to recover all the data. Due to the format of SD card with the exFAT file system, the files become damaged and almost become impossible to recover. Especially, when you try to recover videos and photos, somehow you can recover documents but not 100% documents.

But you can use one of the most powerful software that keeps the ability to recover all the data from your SD card and all the data would be virus free and clean and there would be not damaged in the file. Basically, Do Your Data Recovery Professional has been designed after considering all these facts and problem which people face in normal data recovery software. This is most advanced technology software which contains the filters that do not allow viruses to come again into the computer along with the data and further, you can recover around 99.99% data from your SD card, hard drive, and Flash drive.

Three Steps to Recover Lost Data from exFAT File System or Damaged exFAT File System

Do Your Data Recovery is very easy to use. So it can easily recover lost data from exFAT file system and export files from corrupted or inaccessible exFAT file system.

Step 1: Select hard drive to scan.

Whether you want to recover lost data from local hard drive or external device, just select it. Do Your Data Recovery supports to recover lost data from any kind of hard drive or media device.

exFAT file recovery

Step 2: Select file types you want to recover.

Recover all types of files or just recover specific file types? Just select the file types you want to recover then let the exFAT file recovery software to scan your hard drive.

exFAT file recovery

Step 3: Preview and recover lost files from exFAT file system.

Preview and recover lost files after scanning. If you can’t find all lost files after quick recovery, just click on Advanced recovery button to find more lost files.

exFAT file recovery

Do Your Data Recovery Professional is the best software for exFAT file recovery. It also supports to recover lost data from other file systems including FAT16/32, NTFS, HFS+, ext, etc. Download it here: