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When you delete a file or photo on your Sony Laptop, you may think the deleted file or photo is lost forever. It is not the truth. When the files are deleted on Sony Laptop, the deleted files are stored in your hard drive and the disk space of the deleted files is available for new data. It means before they are really gone forever, you still have the chance to get lost files back!

Sony Laptop Data Recovery

If you are looking for a solution for recovering lost data on Sony Laptop, you can try this guide. We will show you an easy and quick way to recover lost data from Sony Laptop.

1. Download Sony Laptop data recovery software

Absolutely, data recovery software is the easiest tool to recover deleted/lost data. Here, we will use Do Your Data Recovery software to recover lost data from Sony Laptop. It is one of the most powerful DIY data recovery software.

Download it for Sony Laptop data recovery:

Main features of Sony Laptop data recovery software:

  • Recover permanently deleted files from Sony Laptop.
  • Recover lost data from emptied recycle bin on Sony Laptop.
  • Recover lost data from erased or formatted hard drive on Sony Laptop.
  • Recover lost data from inaccessible or crashed hard drive on Sony Laptop.
  • Recover deleted/lost hard drive partition on Sony Laptop.

So, we recommend you use Do Your Data Recovery to recover lost data from Sony Laptop. It is very easy-to-use.

2. Sony Laptop data recovery guide

We hope you can understand that after data loss, don’t save new files to your Sony Laptop. New data would overwrite the disk space of your lost data and that makes data recovery become harder. Just run Do Your Data Recovery to rescue data immediately.

Step 1: Choose the hard drive on your Sony Laptop.

Run Do Your Data Recovery on your computer, it shows all hard drives. Just choose the hard drive where you lose your data.

Sony Laptop Data Recovery

Step 2: Choose the file types you want to recover.

Just choose the file types you want to recover, or just let it to find all types of lost files on your hard drive. Then click on Scan button to scan the hard drive to find lost files.

Sony Laptop Data Recovery

Step 3: Preview and recover lost files.

After a quick scan or deep scan, you can preview the recoverable files. Then select the wanted files and save them to a safe location.

Sony Laptop Data Recovery

Within the 3 simple steps, you can quickly recover lost data from your Sony Laptop. It not only recovers deleted data, but it also can recover formatted, corrupted or raw data on Sony Laptop. Do Your Data Recovery is able to restore lost hard drive partition on your Sony Laptop.

More about Do Your Data Recovery:

Do Your Data Recovery is an award-winning data recovery program. It offers quick scan and deep scan. The deep scan mode can help you deeply scan the Sony Laptop hard drive and find all lost files.

Do Your Data Recovery can help you recover lost videos, documents, photos, archives, audio/voice files, emails on Sony Laptop. And t also can recover lost data from other computer, hard drive, memory card, USB drive, digital camera, etc. Download it here:

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