iPod Music Loss Situations/Reasons

  • Directly delete music files from your iPod, delete music files when your iPod is connected with computer.
  • iPod is infected by virus; iPod is frozen; iPod is inaccessible.
  • Format iPod or erase data from iPod.
  • Power failure or battery fault.
  • iPod has been broken.
  • iPod can't be read or can't be recognized by your computer.

Restore Music from iPod Music Player

After deletion or format, you may think your music files are lost forever. But data recovery technology could bring them to life. Data recovery software is the DIY way to recover your favorite songs from iPod music player. Do Your Data Recovery Professional is an award-winning data recovery program that allows you to recover deleted or lost music files from iPod music player (including iPod, iPod mini, iPod classic, iPod nano, shuffle, etc).

Do Your Data Recovery Professional makes iPod Music recovery become very easy to handle. It is a complete DIY tool. All music file formats are supported, such as mp3, wma, midi, aiff etc. When you are going to recovery music files from iPod, just get Do Your Data Recovery Professional on your PC or Mac. It will scan your iPod like scanning a USB device to find your deleted or lost music. Here are the three main steps of music recovery on iPod.

Step 1: Connect your iPod to computer, and run Do Your Data Recovery Professional on your computer.

music recovery on iPod.

Step 2: Select to recover audio files from your iPod.

music recovery on iPod

Step 3: Save the recoverable music files.

music recovery on iPod

If you re-download the music songs from iTunes or other download sites, you don't have to use data recovery software to recover them. Otherwise the best solution to get your music back is data recovery software. Do Your Data Recovery Professional works well on iPod music recovery. After saving the recovered music on your computer, you can transfer them to your iPod via iTunes or other methods.

Music File Recovery on iPod touch

As we know that iPod touch is different from traditional iPod device. It is a more complicated kind of iDevice with iOS system. Do Your Data Recovery for iPhone is a very professional data recovery program designed for iOS data recovery. It gives three ways to recover music file or audio file from your iPod touch. You can directly restore music files from iPod touch, as well as restore music files from iTunes or iCloud. Do Your Data Recovery for iPhone can scan your iPod touch and find all deleted or lost audio files.

It even can recover lost music files when your iPod touch is lost or damaged. By extracting iTunes or iCloud backup, you can easily get your songs back. Do Your Data Recovery for iPhone also can recover lost contacts, photos, videos, notes or other data from iPod touch.

music recovery on iPod