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No matter how good things are in your life, there is always something bad that needs to be worked on. Data loss is such a ‘bad thing’. No matter how expensive your Mac is, it can’t prevent you from losing important files. There are so many causes could result in data loss or file loss from Mac hard drive or storage media device. For example, after you delete an important video by accident and empty the trash bin, your video is lost. You don’t want to send your Mac to a local data recovery store because it will take too much time and money. At this time, handy macOS data recovery freeware is your optimal solution.

Handy macOS data recovery freeware or macOS file recovery freeware is a good option for data recovery when your Mac is not physically damaged. It can easily recover lost files under macOS or OS X due to deletion, format, or logical errors. It is free, safe and time-saving, so it is worth to trying when you lose your Mac data.

macOS Data Recovery Freeware Offered by DoYourData

DoYourData offers easy and efficient macOS data recovery freeware. Compared with other macOS data recovery freeware, macOS data recovery freeware offered by DoYourData is more powerful and much easier to use. DoYourData macOS data recovery freeware can rescue your data under all kinds of data loss situations. It not only can completely recover deleted/formatted files, but it also can recover lost data due to virus infection, volume loss, hard drive crash, reinstallation/upgrade, unexpected power off, etc.

DoYourData macOS data recovery freeware has been rated as the best Mac file recovery software by many top websites. It supports to recover any kind of file like photos, videos, documents, archives, audio/voice files, emails, etc.

Rescue Mac Data with macOS Data Recovery Freeware

Most of Mac users are not IT pros. So the macOS data recovery freeware should be easy-to-use. You don’t want to take much time to learn how to use a software. Don’t worry. DoYourData macOS data recovery freeware gives an easy and straightforward solution to help in recovering lost files under macOS or OS X. It takes three simple steps to get all lost data back.

Step 1: Launch DoYourData macOS data recovery freeware and select file types you want to recover.

macOS Data Recovery Freeware

Step 2: Select the hard drive that you lose your data and click on “Scan” button to scan it.

macOS Data Recovery Freeware

Step 3: After scanning, you just need to preview and save the desirable files.

macOS Data Recovery Freeware

No data recovery software or service could promise 100% recovery of all lost data. However, DoYourData macOS data recovery freeware can ensure finding every recoverable file on your Mac hard drive. It offers quick scan and deep scan to help you recover lost data under different situations. Please note that:

  • Don’t put new files to your hard drive before DoYourData macOS data recovery freeware get all your lost data back.
  • The deep scan takes longer time to can your hard drive. Please be patient because it can find much more lost files.
  • DoYourData macOS data recovery freeware also can recover lost data from removable device like USB drive, digital camera, portable hard drive, SD card, etc.