"Hi, last week I cut some important files from my F drive to my USB drive. But unfortunately I lost my USB drive on the way to school. Can you tell me if I could restore those files from my F drive? Those files really very important, please help" – James Tiddy

How to Restore Files after Cutting Files?

We have received many emails that refer to how to restore files after cutting files from one place to another place (or from one device to another device). Most people know that can restore files after deletion or format, but not many of them know that the files which have been cut away also can be recovered. In our computer life, we cut files every day. It is the one of the most common operations when we use computer or digital device. We cut files from one location like hard drive, USB, digital device and paste the files to another location or device. But even the most common operation could result in loss of data.

Data Loss due to Cutting Files

You may lose your files due to the following reasons:

  • 1. Unfinished cut-paste operation. You may lose files due to unfinished cut-paste operation, for example, you cut a file, but you forget paste it.
  • 2. Deletion or format. For example, you paste the files to another drive or device, but you delete the files from the drive or device, or you format the drive or device without backup.
  • 3. Your device is lost. When you cut files from your computer and paste to your storage device like USB drive, but then your storage device is lost.

Restore Files after Cutting Files within Easy Steps

For a common computer user, he even doesn't know he can restore the lost files after cutting files. Actually there are some solutions can help restore files after cutting files. Normally, we can restore these lost files from the location where you cut the files, we call it 'original drive'. For example, you can recover the files from F drive when you have cut files from F drive to your USB drive. A third-party tool for data recovery like DoYourData can help you restore files after cutting files from your original drive. Download it here:

Follow the three recovery steps, you will get your lost files back.

Step 1: Select the drive or device where you cut your files.

Select the drive or device where you cut the files. Select the F drive as target drive, for instance, if you have cut files from F drive.

restore files after cutting files

Step 2: Select file types and scan your hard drive.

Select the file types that you want to recover. If you don't select, the program will find all lost types of files by default. Then scan your hard drive.

restore files after cutting files

Step 3: Recover the files (including cut files, deleted files).

Once the scan is completed, Do Your Data Recovery will show all recoverable files including the files which are cut away from your hard drive, deleted files and lost files. If you can’t find the desirable files, just try advanced recovery mode to find much more lost files.

restore files after cutting files

If you can’t find the files you want to recover after quick scan, just try advanced recovery mode. This mode will deeply scan your hard drive and find all lost files. Do Your Data Recovery also can help you recover deleted, formatted or corrupted data. Download it here:

When you cut files from a location, you still can recover the files after cut. Do Your Data Recovery software is able to deeply scan the hard drive or device, then find every recover file. For instance, when you cut a file from a hard drive to an USB flash drive, when you lose the file due to some reasons, you still can recover the file from the hard drive or USB flash drive.