Recover Deleted Desktop Files

Saving or storing files on desktop is a common method of file storage in our daily computer life. But files on desktop are more at risk of being lost than other files which are stored in other hard drives. OS updates, deleting, formatting, virus infection would result in data loss from desktop. Every missing file on desktop could be recovered , especially when the file was deleted. There are two easy ways to recover deleted desktop files. But first of all, please stop saving files on your desktop. Every time you write to the desktop, you lower the likelihood of a successful recovery.

Two Methods to Recover Deleted Desktop Files

Method 1: Check the Recycle Bin

If you have not emptied your Recycle Bin, you can find the deleted files in it. Select the files you want, right-click them and choose "Restore" to recover them on your desktop.

Method 2: Try Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Desktop Files

You can try a data recovery tool when you can't find the files in Recycle Bin. Many data recovery programs can help you recover deleted files from desktop. Here, we recommend a free data recovery tool – Do Your Data Recovery. It can recover whatever you have deleted from desktop, such as pictures, emails, videos, documents, folders, icons, shortcuts, compressed files etc. Do Your Data Recovery will take three steps to recover deleted desktop files (about 6-10minutes).

How to Use Do Your Data Recovery to Recover Deleted Files from Desktop?

Step1: Choose Desktop to scan.

If you lose data on desktop, you can select the desktop or the system hard drive to start data recovery.

Recover Deleted Desktop Files

Step2: Choose file types to recover from desktop.

The program offers two recovery modes. Usually, you should try Quick Recovery mode first, it can quickly find deleted files. If you can't find what you want, please select Advanced Recovery mode to deeply scan the desktop. Please note that the Advanced Recovery mode takes longer time to scan your drive, and find much more lost files.

Recover Deleted Desktop Files

Step3: Preview and recover files.

After scanning, you can check all recoverable files. Then select the deleted desktop files and save them.

Recover Deleted Desktop Files

Do Your Data Recovery is complete DIY data recovery software. It can securely and easily recover all deleted desktop files even the files are deleted a few years ago. Just download this data recovery software. It also can help you recover lost data from HDD, SSD, USB flash drive memory card, digital camera, etc.