24-01-12 21:38:28
  • Recuva can not find my lost files. I download this one, it finally finds my files, thanks a lot.

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    24-01-10 19:20:59
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    23-09-01 20:01:55
  • After scanning, it found the files I had lost, but only recovered 1GB files, so I had to upgrade to Pro version to recover all the 12GB lost files.

    by Roland Niccy
    23-07-27 22:22:08
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    23-07-27 22:19:43
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    23-07-27 22:17:31
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    22-03-07 08:34:34
  • I was sooo afraid I had lost my data, my external drive said my drive was corrupt. I took it to Best Buy and they said they could not access the drive and to send it out would cost me $400. I just happen to search the internet only to find this free software and I seen it was free and I did the scan and whalaaa I started to see all my folders pop up and I yelled at the top of my lungs ecstatic and overwhelmed they were still there even though windows would not recognize the drive. I knew if this software found my files I knew they were still there and now there was hope to get it back and I can not tell you how grateful I was for this trial and my years of saving documents and family photos were there!!! Thank you so much!!

    by Ruben Vazquez