23-08-11 15:33:26
  • I have an Seagate backup drive, but it is read-only on my Mac. My friend told me that I should format it. But, it means I will lost all of my files. Thanks to this tool, NO NEED TO Format, I can use it on my Mac now.

    by Kwanove
    23-07-26 21:53:42
  • NOT A FREE APP, don't use it

    by Hu Quan
    23-07-26 21:49:08
  • This NTFS for Mac is able to enable NTFS support for all WD, Seagate and Samsung drives on my Mac. Straightforward interface, very easy to understand to use.

    by Gene Sama
    23-07-26 14:52:47
  • Can I use it on macOS Sonoma?

    by Andrew

    DoYourData Replies :Yes, we it is fully compatible with macOS 14

    23-07-26 09:08:57
  • I purchased this software a few days ago, if worked well on my MacBook Air/M2, it is very easy to use.

    by Jerry
    23-07-23 14:24:21
  • Thanks a lot! It works without any issue on my Mac Studio, my Seagate external hard drive is read-write now!

    by Jan
    23-07-23 14:20:18
  • DoYourData NTFS for Mac is the best one I have ever used. The ease of use is highly recommended. I love this app. BUT IT IS NOT FREE.

    by Shirly Peng
    23-07-22 20:13:02
  • A great tool! It allows NTFS write in an very simple way. No need to format my Seagate drive, everything is OK.

    by Mary