Are you interested in cloning hard drive on macOS Server? Here, we will give you some ideas to do it. Just continue reading to learn how to easily clone data on Mac Server. There are various programs good at copying data from one hard drive to another one on macOS Server, which might make this choice not so easy, though you can research about features, advantages and disadvantages of these programs. After comparing and differentiating them, you may choose the most convenient software. Some of these features are: performance, easiness, price, quality, compatibility, etc. Now, let us introduce a great cloning software, which is highly recommended; it is known as DoYourClone for Mac.

Steps to clone hard drive on macOS Server

Nowadays, many users decide to clone hard drive on macOS Server. But, why do they make this decision? There are diverse reasons like for example:

  • Making a data backup to make sure this information might be used or recovered later.
  • Sometimes, the hard drive is very old. It is better to protect data just to prevent from unexpected inconveniences.
  • Another reason could be getting more space on your drive.
  • Maybe, the hard drive is damaged or about to stop working.

These are only some of the possible reasons people have to clone their hard drives of macOS Server. People often choose different storage devices to back up their files, including memory cards, USB flash drives, local hard drives, external hard drives, and others. It is common to store a lot of important information on desktops, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, laptops, and other devices. A great option to back up these data is cloning. Here, we will recommend DoYourClone for Mac, which offers an easy way to reach this goal. Just download, install and run the software on the computer. After that, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select source and destination hard drive.

The first step is choosing source and secondary hard drives. It is very important to check there is enough space on the destination drive.

clone hard drive on macOS Server

Step 2: Copy macOS Server hard drive.

After choosing source and destination hard drives, DoYourClone will start to copy all files on the secondary hard drive. Just click on the “Copy Now” button and wait until all data have been copied.

clone hard drive on macOS Server

Step 3: Review cloned files.

Once the copy is completed, it is a good idea to check clone data on the destination hard drive. This is a way to be sure these files were copied correctly.

clone hard drive on macOS Server

DoYourClone for Mac also can help you create a disk image (.dmg or .zip) on macOS Server. You can save the disk image to any other hard drive or external storage device.

Choose mode “Create Disk Image” -> choose the source drive and destination drive -> create a disk image of source drive and save it to another hard drive.

clone hard drive on macOS Server

DoYourClone for Mac is a reliable software people use to clone their hard drive’s data. This is an option to protect different kind of data, including photos, videos, works, documents, PDF files, music folders, e-mails, programs, contacts, notes, images, among other files. The cloning process could be an easy task if you choose DoYourClone; just follow some simple steps and you will receive a data copy. Remember, this copy could be very useful in the future. There are many issues, which can make users lose data, so cloning may help recover them.