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Erase data from a Windows installation on a PC is one thing, but in Windows Server, one of the most recommended operating systems for the administration of servers and data center is another. Undoubtedly the issue of files to delete is extremely delicate, and we must give an even greater importance than that of deleting basic files such as music or photos from our laptop for regular use, should be done professionally and with the tools recommended by experts.

Delete data completely in a server with Windows Server

Windows Server data erasure solution

When facing the task of permanently erasing data in a Windows server, we can usually come across two clear ideas, the first is to have clear that we must erase all the data efficiently so that it does not fall into the hands of anyone, since reusing the hard disks of a server is usually the most common task in this type of equipment.

The second idea is simply a backup of the first, since we must ensure that once deleted from that data, cannot be recovered by any means, so we must use the appropriate tools for this task.

DoYourData Super Eraser greatly facilitates this type of work, as we can install it without any problem on our server with the Windows Server environment without risk of being incompatible.

DoYourData Super Eraser has several proven methods that will give us the efficiency of data erasure that deserves the occasion, we only have to download the program directly to our server, using any of the download buttons as the case may be, once the download and installed on our computer, we can review the three methods at our disposal to start the task.

Method 1: Permanently delete files from Windows Server.

Once the DoYourData Super Eraser is installed in our server, we will execute it and we will select the option of deleting files and folders, once done this we will have to select the files and folders that we want to delete from our equipment. Then this software will permanently erase the selected files/folders in Windows Server.

Windows Server data erasure solution

Method 2: disk cleaning in Windows Server.

If on the contrary, we want a general erasure and that it includes in its totality a specific partition where this the data that we want to eliminate, we will have to select the option that says cleaning of hard disk, this method will throw us a listing in which we will be able to select of individual way the partition or partitions that have the data that we want to erase, once selected simply we will press the button to wipe now and the process began, once finished the program will give format to the partition to prevent possible data recovery, that anyone can make using a program downloaded from the network.

Windows Server data erasure solution

Method 3: Wipe free space in the partition of Windows Server.

By formatting the partition where the data was, we ensure that no data is recovered, but without realizing it, free space can play a trick on us, which is why DoYourData Super Eraser has included among its options the method to permanently erase this free space on our hard drive or partition that so often saves the storms of a previous erasure, to use it we only have to select the option that says clean free space in hard disk, and choose the unit or partition that we want to free and press the wipe button that says clean now, once done the process will clean all the free space leaving the server and its hard disks free of it.

Windows Server data erasure solution

Certainly the advantages of using DoYourData Super Eraser are many. It is simple, safe and efficient. Once the data in Windows Server is erased by DoYourData Super Eraser, it can’t be recovered by any data recovery method – because the erased data is gone forever.

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