Memory cards are fashionable devices, store photos, videos, documents and audio files to transport them conveniently to any side in a discreet way, makes them one of the most sought after media. Due to this popularity they tend to be improved quickly, getting better versions and more storage causing us to seek to replace them, but what happens with those videos that we want to delete completely so that no one can see them, and that do not fall into the wrong hands.

Guide: permanently delete video files on memory card

Videos are usually one of the things we tend to back up more, as they may have important sentimental moments for us such as weddings, births, birthdays and even graduations, or simply videos of our favorite artists that we want to be enduring in time-saving them on a memory card saves us a lot of work and are always an appropriate means to dispose of them when we want, but what happens when we must delete them to return to your data give away that memory card? DoYourData Super Eraser gives us the necessary tools, based on three methods for a successful and uncomplicated deletion, which ensure that our videos will be safe from prying eyes. We simply download DoYourData Super Eraser from your website and install it on our PC to start the task.

Method 1: Permanently delete videos from memory card.

Once downloaded and installed DoYourData Super Eraser, simply run it from the direct access on your desktop, select the video files in the memory card to delete in the option to delete files and folders and then press the "Erase Now" button, which will make a permanent deletion of these selected videos, without affecting the rest of your information.

permanently delete videos on the memory card

Method 2: Erase all data including the videos on the memory card.

"Wipe Hard Drive" can help you wipe entire memory card to permanently erase all data including the videos on the memory card. This is recommended method if you want to donate or dispose your memory card.

permanently delete videos on the memory card

Method 3: clear free space on our memory card.

Sometimes we have free space on our memory card, these tend to contain simply deleted or lost files and many of them can be our precious videos deleted, so DoYourData Super Eraser puts at our fingertips the option to clean the free space of our memory card. We only have to select clean free space and then choosing our memory card press the wipe now button, this will execute the permanent deletion of this free space without touching any other information and leaving our memory ready to use.

permanently delete videos on the memory card

This is how to permanently shred or delete video files from memory card. DoYourData Super Eraser can erase any kind of data from memory card. Once the videos are deleted from the memory card, they can’t be recovered by even the most powerful data recovery software. So, it is safe to permanently delete videos on memory card before you donate the memory card, or discard the memory card.