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"Hi, I deleted 5 4K videos from my external hard drive. Is it possible to completely recover my videos without any loss?"? These videos are very important to me. Thanks in advance." - Messi

4K resolution, also called 4K, refers to a horizontal resolution in the order of 4,000 pixels. Several 4K resolutions exist in the fields of digital television and digital cinematography. 4K videos are ultra HD videos. So, if you lost 4K videos due to deletion or format, you might worry that you can’t 100% recover the 4K videos although you have purchased data recovery software license code. You worry about the 4K videos would be distorted after loss, and you can’t recover the original lost 4K videos. However, there is no need to worry about lost 4K video recovery. Nowadays, powerful DIY data recovery software can help you losslessly recover deleted/lost 4K videos from hard drive or storage device.

4K Video Recovery Software for Windows and Mac

When you delete the 4K videos on your computer and empty the trash bin, the 4K videos are lost forever, they are still on your hard drive. Powerful 4K video recovery software can help you scan your hard drive and allows you to recover the original 4K videos without any loss. 4K video data recovery software also can recover lost 4K videos due to format, reformat, hard drive crash, partition loss, virus attacking. If your videos are locked by ransomware, this powerful software can help you recover your locked 4K videos and other types of data.

However, if you lose your 4K videos on your hard drive, you’d better not write new data to your hard drive. We know that the lost 4K videos are stored on the free disk space on your hard drive. New data will overwrite the free disk space and narrow the chance of data recovery. Just immediately download and install 4K video data recovery software on your computer, and run it to get lost 4K videos back.

Three steps to completely recover lost 4K videos

We recommend you try the reliable 4K video recovery software – Do Your Data Recovery Professional. This is a complete DIY data recovery program that can help you recover any lost data from hard drive or storage media. The interface is clean and simple, you can easily recover lost 4K videos without any loss.

Step 1: Select hard drive.

Launch 4K video recovery software on your PC or Mac, it will list all the hard drives and devices on your computer. Just select the hard drive/device where your data is lost, then start data recovery.

completely recover lost 4K videos

Step 2: Select file types.

This data recovery software can recover all kinds of lost data. If you just want to recover 4K videos, just select "Videos". Then click on "Scan" button to find your lost 4K videos.

completely recover lost 4K videos

Step 3: Recover lost 4K videos.

After scanning, you can save the recoverable 4K videos to your computer. Please don’t save the recovered 4K videos to the hard drive where you lost them.

completely recover lost 4K videos

Do Your Data Recovery Professional offers two data recovery modes. If you can’t find all lost 4K videos after quick scan, just try advanced recovery mode to find more files. This 4K video recovery software can deeply scan your hard drive, it can find every recoverable byte of the file on your hard drive. So, you can 100% recover your lost 4K videos.

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