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"Hi, I deleted 5 folders from my Mac desktop and the trash bin was emptied. Can I recover these deleted folders and how to do that? These folders are very important for me. I don’t want to lose them. Just want to 100% recover all of them with original name and structure." – Samuel

When we delete a folder to trash bin, we can easily put it back to the Mac when the trash bin is not emptied. However, most of Mac users tend to empty trash bin when it is full of deleted files. And not all the deleted folders will be moved to the trash bin, in some cases (such as command + delete deletion), the deleted folders just are removed from your Mac directly. You can’t see them in the trash bin. Then how to recover deleted Mac folders when the trash bin has been emptied or can’t find them in trash bin? Here, you have good opportunity to recover deleted folders with Mac data recovery freeware.

How to Completely Recover Deleted Mac Folders?

Free Mac deleted folder recovery software is a cost-effective solution to recover deleted Mac folders. Where to find the best Mac deleted folder recovery freeware? Don’t worry, we have found the effective Mac deleted folder recovery freeware. Do Your Data Recovery for Mac Free is a very powerful data recovery program. It can help you easily and quickly recover deleted folders under OS X and macOS. It can 100% restore the deleted folders with original file name and file structure.

No matter what kind of method you will take to recover deleted Mac photos, please don’t put new files to your Mac before recovering all your lost files. Why? Because if you put new files to your Mac, the deleted folders may be overwritten by new files. Immediately download Mac deleted folder recovery freeware to your Mac, install and run it to recover your deleted Mac folders. Do Your Data Recovery for Mac Free is pretty simple to use. Here are the main steps:

Step 1: Select the file types you want to recover.

It is recommended to select all file types. Then this software will scan your hard drive and find all types of lost files on your hard drive.

free Mac deleted folder recovery software

Step 2: Select hard drive.

Where you delete your folders, on your Mac or a USB drive? Just select the hard drive where your data is lost. Then click on "Scan" button to scan your hard drive to find deleted folders.

free Mac deleted folder recovery software

Step 3: After scanning, you can preview and recover the deleted folders.

If you have not found all deleted folders after quick scan, just try advanced recovery mode to find much more lost files.

free Mac deleted folder recovery software

Do Your Data Recovery for Mac Free can easily and quickly recover deleted folders from your Mac hard drive. It also can recover deleted folders from portable hard drive, memory card or USB flash drive under Mac OS. It also can recover lost data from formatted hard drive, deleted Mac volume and inaccessible device.

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