recover deleted PhotoShop pictures

Is there any way to recover deleted PhotoShop pictures or documents? Yes, then you are not the first person who ends up deleting or losing your PhotoShop files due to some situations. To recover deleted PhotoShop pictures from PhotoShop you must restore the PSD file from an updated backup. If you do not have backup, you should employ a suitable PhotoShop photo recovery software to recover your deleted PhotoShop pictures.

Recover deleted PhotoShop pictures and documents with DoYourData Software

Before a file deletion problem happens due to multiple causes such as: accidentally deleting your PSD files from the computer while doing some other task using "Shift + Delete" keys or due to some deadly viruses or other computer worms that can damaging your Photoshop file, you can prevent that loss of files by doing the following:

Select Photoshop> Preferences> File management.
Check that the option Save in the background and save recovery information automatically are checked.
Click on OK to close the preferences.

If you do this, Photoshop will configure the frequency with which you want to save the files and perform file recovery whenever necessary.

But in most cases, you don’t have backup to help you restore deleted PhotoShop pictures. Don’t worry, there are some data recovery programs can help you recover permanently deleted PhotoShop pictures and documents even the recycle bin is emptied. Do Your Data Recovery is such program which can help you easily and quickly recover deleted PhotoShop pictures and files. Let’s see how it works:

Step 1: Download and Install Do Your Data Recovery.

First of all, download this easy-to-use data recovery software – Do Your Data Recovery and install it on your computer. It has both Windows version and Mac version. So you can recover deleted PhotoShop pictures on PC, and recover lost PhotoShop images on Mac.

Step 2: Choose hard drive to scan.

After running Do Your Data Recovery on your computer, it will show you all hard drives. Just select the hard drive where you lose or delete the PhotoShop pictures/documents.

recover deleted PhotoShop pictures

Step 3: Scan the hard drive to find deleted PhotoShop pictures.

Select the file types you want to recover, then click on Scan button to scan the selected hard drive to find deleted PhotoShop pictures.

recover deleted PhotoShop pictures

Step 4: Preview and recover deleted PhotoShop pictures.

After scanning, you can preview and recover the lost PhotoShop pictures and documents.

recover deleted PhotoShop pictures

Do Your Data Recovery offers quick scan and deep scan recovery mode. If you can’t find all lost PhotoShop pictures after quick scan, just click "Advanced Recovery" mode to deeply scan the hard drive. The deep scan will find much more lost files – so you can completely recover lost PhotoShop pictures with deep scan mode.

It is very easy to recover deleted PhotoShop pictures/documents from PC/Mac, hard drive and external device with Do Your Data Recovery software. Before you get all deleted PhotoShop pictures back, please don’t save new data to the hard drive where you delete the PhotoShop pictures. Just immediately run Do Your Data Recovery to get the deleted PhotoShop pictures back!