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Canon cameras are known all over the world for being reliable and popular. However, users may sometimes have problems with their memory cards, which can stop them from taking pictures or loading pictures, not showing up on PC/Mac, etc. Don't worry! We've compiled a full guide to the most common Canon memory card problems and how to fix them. With our help, you'll quickly fix these problems and be able to take beautiful pictures again. Let us fix Canon memory card errors so your camera works perfectly on your next photo trip!

Fix Canon Memory Card Errors

Fix Canon Memory Card Errors

1. Err 02

Error 02 means that the camera can't get to the SD card because it's broken or not connected correctly. This mistake means there might be a problem with the SD card or how it was put into the camera. Usually, it's because the card is broken (cracks or bends) or the link isn't safe.


  • Cracks, bends, and scratches on the SD card should be considered. If you need to, replace the SD card.
  • Ensure the SD card is properly put into the card slot on the camera. Remove it and return it to the card to make a secure link.
  • Get rid of any dust or dirt on the metal contacts on the SD card and the card port on the camera with a dry, soft cloth.

2. Err 03

Error 03 means there is a problem with the folder layout on the SD card, which can happen if there are too many folders. This mistake means the directory structure is too complicated, making it hard for the camera to move around in the storage. By improving the folder structure, you can ensure that everything runs more smoothly and stop Error 03 from happening again.


  • Connect the memory card to a computer and change the folder layout by cutting down on the number of folders or levels of nesting.
  • To make the directory layout easier to understand, remove folders that aren't needed or move files to fewer folders.
  • It is important to ensure that the SD card doesn't have more groups and files than the camera can handle.

3. Err 04

The error code 04 means that the SD card has run out of space on it. This error happens when there isn't enough room on the card to hold more files. Please remove the files not needed on the SD card or move them to another storage device to fix the problem. With enough storage, you can keep taking pictures without stopping, giving you a more uninterrupted shooting experience.


  • To make room on the SD card, remove things you don't need or move them to a computer.
  • If you often run out of storage room, consider using an SD card with more space.
  • Ensure you check the SD card's free space often to avoid running out of room while shooting.

4. Err 10

Error 10 means there is a problem with a data file, which could mean that the file system is faulty, incompatible, or not present. This mistake shows up when the camera has trouble reading or getting to the files on the SD card. Update the camera's software regularly to fix any compatibility issues and keep it running at its best.


  • Use the camera's formatting to create a new SD card file system and fix corruption problems.
  • Ensure the SD card has a file system that works with the camera, like FAT32 or exFAT.
  • Make sure that your camera's firmware is up to date. File system compatibility problems may be fixed in newer firmware releases.

5. Err 99

Error 99 stops the camera from taking and could mean problems with the SD card or lens connection. This error stops shooting, which could be because of a problem with how the camera talks to either the SD card or the lens. Putting a different SD card into the camera can help determine if the card still causes the mistake.


  • Take out the SD card and look for damage or dirt on the contacts. Clean the contacts, then put the card back in firmly.
  • Ensure the lens is attached correctly to the camera and that there are no things in the way of the lens and the camera body communicating properly.
  • Try the camera with a different SD card to see if the problem still happens. If it does, you should get more help from Canon support.

How to Recover Lost Data from Corrupted Canon Memory Card?

Do Your Data Recovery, one of the best Canon memory card data recovery programs, is able to recover all lost data from your Canon memory card even it gets corrupted or you’ve formatted it.

Do Your Data Recovery

  • Export all files from an inaccessible Canon memory card to your computer.
  • Recover formatted Canon memory card.
  • Recover deleted images/videos from your Canon memory card.

Now, follow the steps below to recover lost data from a Canon memory card:

Step 1. Download and install the Canon memory card data recovery software on your computer, then connect the Canon memory card to your computer, open the recovery software. Select the Canon memory card to start data recovery.

Canon memory card not working

Step 2. Click on Scan button to deeply scan the Canon memory card to find all deleted/lost files.

Canon memory card not working

Step 3. Once the scan is completed, you can check all the recoverable files. Then select the wanted files and save them.

Canon memory card not working

This data recovery software is able to recover all lost images, videos and documents from the Canon memory card and export inaccessible files from the memory card to your computer before formatting. It also can recover lost data from Sony memory card, recover images/videos from SanDisk SD card, etc.


In conclusion, fixing Canon memory card mistakes is important for photography that doesn't stop. Users can quickly fix problems when they know about common error numbers. Remember that for smooth photo-taking experiences, regular maintenance, firmware changes, and professional help when needed are important. With these solutions, Canon camera users can be sure to record beautiful moments without any problems, making the most of their cameras.

FAQs About Fixing Canon Memory Card Not Working

1. Canon memory card not recognized on Windows, how to fix it?

Just open Disk Manage, find the Canon memory card, select it:

  • If it is not initialized, just right-click the Canon memory card, choose Initialize.
  • No drive letter? Choose Change drive letter and add a new drive letter. Or create a new simple volume on it.
  • Right-click the Canon memory card, choose Format to format the Canon memory card to compatible file system.

2. How to repair damaged Canon memory card on Mac?

  • Connect the Canon memory card to your Mac.
  • Go to Launchpad > Other > Disk Utility, open this app.
  • Select the Canon memory card, click on First Aid button.
  • Repair the damaged Canon memory card.

3. How to unformat Canon memory card?

Download and install Do Your Data Recovery on your computer, then run it to scan the formatted Canon memory card. It will find all erased files. Select all of them, click on Recover button to save the files.

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