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Is your SD card not showing up or recognized properly on your PC? Don’t worry. It is a common problem and is very easy to fix. Here, you will know why is SD card not showing up, and find how to fix this problem.

Why IS SD Card Not Showing Up or Recognized?

This problem could be hardware or software problems. Let’s see the following possible reasons for this problem:

  • Contact problem between SD card and computer USB port.
  • Outdated device driver.
  • Unrecognized or corrupted file system.
  • Drive letter of SD card is missing.
  • SD card damaged.

The SD card might be logically or physically damaged due to various factors. Here just list main several reasons.

The following part contains several solutions that have worked on other users who encountered the sample problem. You can try the solution one by one.

How to Fix SD Card Now Showing Up or Recognized?

Based on the above reasons, we have collected some solutions to fix this problem.

Solution 1: Check If Your SD Card Is Connected to Your PC Well

Sometimes, it is just connection issue to cause your SD card not showing up. The connection issue relates to computer USB port, SD card reader. You can do following things to make sure your SD card is showing up on your PC.

  • Change a new SD card reader or a new USB adaptor.
  • Connect SD card to anther PC.

Fix SD Card Now Showing Up

Through this method, you can test your SD card and know if it can show up on your PC or not. If your SD card can be detected on other PC or via a new card reader, it is shown that your SD card is not a damaged card. If your SD card cannot work on other PC, the card might be damaged. At this time, you need to try other solutions.

Solution 2: Remove Write Protection

Some SD cards have a physical switch on the edge of the card. You can check if your SD card has such as switch. If the switch is on the unlock side, data on the SD card can be edited or modified. If the switch is on the lock side, the card cannot be access. At this time, you can remove the write protection by placing the switch at the unlock side.

Fix SD Card Now Showing Up

Solution 3: Update SD Card Driver

SD card is not working possibly due to outdated or problematic disk drive. You should update your SD card reader driver.

Step 1. Connect SD card to PC.

Step 2. Go to Control Panel > System > Device Manager > Disk drives.

Fix SD Card Now Showing Up

Step 3. Right-click on the card reader and select “Uninstall” option, then select “Scan for hardware changes” to refresh the drivers.

Fix SD Card Now Showing Up

When you update the SD card driver, you can try to insert it to your PC.

Solution 4: Assign/Change Drive Letter for Your SD Card

If your SD card does not have a drive letter after being inserted to your PC, it won’t show up on the PC. In this case, you need to assign a new drive letter.

Step 1: Right-click Start button, then select “Disk Management”.

Fix SD Card Now Showing Up

Step 2. Find the SD card in Disk Management, right-click it to select “Change Drive Letter and Paths”.

Fix SD Card Now Showing Up

Step 3. Click “Add” to assign the drive letter in the pop-up window.

Fix SD Card Now Showing Up

Solution 5: Recover Lost Data from SD Card Not Showing Up

If you try above methods, you SD card is still not showing up or recognized, or you cannot find any data in your SD card. At this time, we suggest you to use Do Your Data Recovery to recover the lost data.

Do Your Data Recovery is a professional data recovery tool, which can find and recover the lost data from SD cards. Please follow the steps.

Step 1. Insert your SD card to your PC via a card reader. Then, install and launch Do Your Data Recovery on your computer.

Step 2. Select SD card to start data recovery.

Recover Lost Data from SD Card Not Showing Up

Step 3. Click on Scan button to deeply scan the SD card.

Recover Lost Data from SD Card Not Showing Up

Step 4. Preview the found files and select the files you want to recover, then click Recover button.

Recover Lost Data from SD Card Not Showing Up

Finally, you will get the lost data back.


When you experience the problem SD card not showing up, take it easy, your SD card might be some simple problems. Any data recovery problems, Do Your Data Recovery will fix them.

Do Your Data Recovery is a free and user-friendly data recovery tool, which has a higher success rate than others, and can easily recover lost files, pictures, documents and videos, after deleting, formatting, partition loss, OS crash, virus attack, and other data loss scenarios. No matter it is an HDD, SSD, SD Card, Memory Card, Flash Drive and USB Drive, Do Your Data Recovery can find what you want and won't let you down.

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