A PDF file is compiled of images of a document. If you click anywhere in a PDF file, you can not edit them unless they are opened by supported software. PDF files can come in very handy for businesses and individuals who want to maintain the document format no matter the platform on which they are accessed.

PDF editors are special software that can let a user edit a PDF file and make changes to it. It can also let the users add password protection so that they can only be accessed by specific persons.

A PDF editor can do wonders for a company that wants to use the same template for different clients while editing minimum details in doing so. This article serves as a guide to PDF editing applications by introducing the 5 best PDF editing software that users can try to edit their PDF files. Below is given a brief description of these software, one by one.

Top 5 PDF Editing Software

1. Adobe Acrobat DC

PDF editing software

I still remember when I was a child, Adobe Acrobat reader would pop up while trying to open my favorite PDF files. It was later when I came to know that it also has another version that does a lot more than viewing a PDF file.

It will only serve justice to it if we say that Acrobat is the best PDF-supported software right now. According to Adobe, Adobe Acrobat DC, PDF editing software by Adobe, is used by more than 5 million organizations around the world to edit, convert, and sign PDF files. Moreover, users can also create PDF files and share them from Acrobat DC.

Some of its highlights are given as:

  • It can convert almost any file to a PDF such as Word, PPT, Excel, and even JPG.
  • Users can edit text and pictures in the PDF document.
  • A large file can be split into a number of small files and vice versa. It can also rearrange the pages in the document.
  • Users can also protect their documents with Acrobat DC to prevent someone else from editing or printing their PDF files.
  • Paying for Acrobat Pro DC can also enable you to compare two different versions of a PDF to look at all the differences between them.
  • It offers a 7-day free trial after which you will have to buy the software to keep enjoying it.

2. Foxit PDF Editor

PDF editing software

Foxit is another famous name in the world of PDFs. Like Acrobat, it also comes loaded with several features. You can edit your PDF files, view them for later use, share them with colleagues, and secure them to restrict their access.

Moving forward, Foxit can also export a PDF file to different formats such as Word, PPT, Excel, HTML, and even text. It can also protect PDF documents through password encryption.

Some highlights of Foxit PDF Editor are given as:

  • It is a one-stop solution to edit, save, share, and secure your PDF files.
  • You can change the text size, fonts, and line spacing of the document. You can export a PDF file to Word, PowerPoint, or other selectable file formats.
  • It offers two versions: Vanilla and Pro. Vanilla version is created for individuals while Pro version targets larger organizations.
  • Users can try it for free before making a purchase decision.

3. Nitro PDF Editor

PDF editing software

The third name on our list of 5 best PDF editing software is Nitro PDF Editor. Nitro claims to offer an easier interface so that anyone can create and edit PDFs without complications.

Nitro can also convert a PDF document to other popular formats such as MS Word, and Excel to provide an adaptable experience. To cast a deeper look into its features, below are mentioned some of its highlights to facilitate our readers:

  • Nitro can do almost all the tasks that other major software of the league do such as creating, editing, merging, and protecting the PDF documents.
  • You can also scan make a PDF.
  • No longer need to copy-paste as Nitro can directly convert a PDF to your favorite file types Also converts emails to PDFs.
  • It can also convert different file types such as emails, spreadsheets, text files, etc. to one single PDF file.
  • Like other software, the free version has limited access with a need to purchase the full version for uninterrupted access.

4. PDFelement

PDF editing software

If you are someone looking for a PDF software that can manage your PDF file on multiple platforms i.e., desktop, mobile, etc. then PDFelement can be a good choice for you.

You can use its editing option to edit your PDFs with ease as it has a simplified interface. You can also create a PDF from a file, from the scanner, from clipboard, or from a blank PDF. It can also convert PDFs to many other formats as seen in other PDF conversion software. Let us now look at some of its highlights below:

  • It is an all-in-one PDF solution to create, convert, or edit a PDF file.
  • It promises to offer a simpler interface.
  • It can also design fillable forms for the collection of data.
  • To access the full version, you can buy the software as PDFelement’s free version may not be enough for you.

5. Microsoft Word

What? are you surprised to see your favorite software on this list? If yes, then you may have underestimated the most versatile editing software out there. That is right, MS Word can also open and edit a PDF file but there is a catch.

Only the latest versions of Word such as 365 and a few other versions can do this task. To edit a PDF with Word, you will have to open it as a Word document. Once it opens, you can make changes to it and then save it back as a PDF file.

Using Microsoft Word for PDF purposes can have a couple of advantages and one major (kind of) disadvantage. The advantages are 1) the ability to edit your PDF in a software that brings more familiarity than any other software and 2) no need to buy a dedicated PDF editor.

The disadvantage though may ruin all the excitement as Word can only edit a PDF file under certain limitations because you will not be able to merge or reorganize your PDFs with MS Word.


So, this was the article where we had a brief look at 5 best PDF editing software based on our understanding. We hope that this guide will help you in finding the best PDF editor for your needs.

Thank you for the read.

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