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“Hi, I used quick format to format my external hard disk on Mac last night. All my files were erased after quick format process got finished. Now I want to recover some of the files, how can I do it – do quick format recovery on Mac? Can you give me some advice?” – Kaloc

How to recover lost data after quick formatting Mac hard drive or external storage device? Quick format is a good way to erase data on hard drive or storage device. However, the formatted Mac data can be recovered by data recovery software after quick format. Here is the guide.

The quick format will erase the files and make the disk space available for other files. Before other files completely overwrite the disk space of the formatted files, you can easily recover the files after quick format on Mac. So after you quick format your Mac hard drive or external hard drive, you should not put new data to the hard drive before you recover all your lost data. Just immediately try Mac unformat software to do quick format recovery on Mac to get your lost files back.

Best Program for Quick Format Recovery on Mac

DoYourData Mac unformat software is one of the most powerful data recovery programs for Mac. It can securely and completely recover lost data on Mac after quick format. It can recover formatted data from Mac hard drive, external hard disk, USB drive, memory card, SD card, digital camera or other storage device. Just download and install it on your Mac (don’t install it on the hard drive where you lose your data). It is so simple to use. You don’t need to professional skills of data recovery, just run it to easily get your files back after quick format on Mac.

It takes only three steps to recover lost files after quick format under Mac OS.

Step 1: Select file types.

The software can recover all kinds of files. If you only want to recover some file formats, just select them at this step. Click on Next button to the step 2.

quick format recovery on Mac

Step 2: Select the formatted hard drive.

Select the formatted hard drive to scan. If you are going to recover lost data from external hard drive, you should connect the hard drive with the Mac. Click on Scan button to scan the formatted hard drive to find lost files.

quick format recovery on Mac

Step 3: Preview and recover files.
After scanning, you can preview the files by file type, path and time. Then select the files you want to recover and save them to your Mac.

quick format recovery on Mac

When you lose your data due to quick format, don’t quit. The lost data is still in the Mac or hard drive. DoYourData Mac unformat software can help to easily and quickly recover lost files after quick format on Mac. Quick format will not get your data lost permanently. You can easily recover the lost data after quick format from Mac hard drive, removable device and digital device. Just try it now.

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