Free Download SSD Data Recovery Freeware

Recovery lost data from SSDs (Solid State Drives) requires special technology. If your SSD is working properly and without signs of physical damage, DIY SSD data recovery freeware is a good option. Deletion and format are the two typically causes of data loss on SSD. The SSD data recovery freeware offered by DoYourData software can help you out. Here are some common causes of data loss on SSDs:

SSD data recovery freeware

  • Deleting files on SSD without backups & emptying the recycle bin.
  • Formatting SSD by accident.
  • The SSD was erased by disk utility or other system utilities.
  • Data loss on SSD due to virus attacking.
  • Reinstalling OS on SSD.
  • SSD failed.
  • Deleting partition on SSD.

SSD data recovery freeware can deal with the data loss issues above. DoYourData SSD data recovery freeware even can deal with more. But please don’t put new data to the SSD before you recover all lost files back in case that the new files overwrite the disk space of the lost files. Many people wanted to find efficient SSD data recovery freeware, most of them failed. Wasting time on useless data recovery tools is dangerous for your data. It will reduce the chances of recovery your lost data from SSD.

Now you can download DoYourData SSD data recovery freeware here, it is an reliable tool for SSD data recovery. Whether you want to do SSD data recovery under Windows or perform SSD data recovery on Mac, SSD data recovery freeware can assistant you in an easy and effective way. Free download DoYourData SSD data recovery freeware now – click on the following download buttons:

Recover SSD Data with DoYourData SSD Data Recovery Freeware

Most of the data recovery software users take security into consideration when they are selecting data recovery software. DoYourData SSD data recovery freeware is 100% safe. It performs read-only data recovery process and will not damage the original data on the hard drive. DoYourData has dramatically improved the ease of use of the SSD data recovery freeware. Even the most newbie can run it to easily recover lost data from SSD. Here are the guide of using SSD data recovery freeware to recover lost data from SSD.

Step 1: Select a SSD drive to scan.

Where you lose your files? Just select the drive where you want to recover lost data from.

SSD data recovery freeware

Step 2: Select file types and scan your SSD.

If you don’t want to recover all types of lost files, just select the wanted file types before SSD data recovery freeware scans your drive. Then click on "Scan" button to scan the SSD to find lost files.

SSD data recovery freeware

Step 3: Preview and recover lost files.

The built-in recovery mode lets you freely preview the recoverable files. When you find the desirable files, select them and save them on your computer.

SSD data recovery freeware

DoYourData SSD data recovery freeware supports to most of the SSD brands such as Intel, SanDisk, Western Digital, Samsung, STEC, Toshiba, Seagate, Crucial, Micron, etc. It can recover lost data from both internal SSD and external SSD. But if your SSD is physically damaged and can’t be recognized by SSD data recovery freeware, you have to ask the assistance of professional data recover service provider.