One of the major uses of Windows XP computers is to store data no matter in which form it is. The form of data being stored in computers vary from person to person as per their distinguish needs. It has to be done in a way where data is safely and securely stored, is well organized and can easily be retrieved. The role of the recovery software is realized when any mishap happens with the data storage procedure defined above. If the data is lost, is intentionally deleted or the Windows XP disk has been formatted; in any of the cases most of the data on the drive can easily be recovered.

How to Recover Lost Files in Windows XP?

Windows XP Data Recovery Solution

There are many tools available in the market for the purpose of Windows XP data recovery. The data recovery software is a common tool for individuals who want to recover data from Windows XP hard drive. From the bunch of tools available online, one of the well known tool is Do Your Data Recovery Professional. Do Your Data Recovery Professional is an easy to use recovery tool which provides meaningful developments in Windows XP data recovery, and is very much useful for Windows XP data recovery.

Do Your Data Recovery Professional is not limited to computers only. You can now recover lost files in Windows XP in your laptops too. From USB drive, to SD card to potable hard disk, data from every mentioned storage device can easily be recovered with such advancements in the technology.

The software is developed in a way that the entire process of extracting and recovering data from the storage device of your choice with Windows XP can be done in just three simple and easy to perform steps. Data recovery may sound something very technical to many and they may think that recovering data from Windows XP may require a lot of technical and database knowledge but this is not the case anymore. Now anyone, from any background can do the job. The software is designed for every single person who have the basic knowledge about computer and who understand very basic English language. That’s it.

Three steps to recover lost files on Windows XP

Step 1: Choose the hard drive where you lose your data.

Run Do Your Data Recovery on your Windows XP computer, then just select the hard drive where your data is lost - start data recovery.

Windows XP Data Recovery Solution

Step 2: Scan your hard drive to find lost data.

Just click on Scan button to scan your hard drive. If you can’t find all lost data after quick scan, just try advanced recovery mode.

Windows XP Data Recovery Solution

Step 3: Recover lost data on Windows XP.

After scanning, you can easily recover lost files. Just select them and save them.

Windows XP Data Recovery Solution

Features of the Do Your Data Recovery Professional are not limited. With its easy to use platform, the software also provides partition recovery option. Now, if you don’t want to recover your files from the entire disk, you don’t need to waste any more time recovering all the data first and then sorting it out manually. This feature will let you enjoy your recovered data from a specific partition of your choice. Besides this, the software now supports all file formats as well. No matter if you want to recover photos or videos, the software can do the job easily. Besides this, the software is capable of recovering emails, documents, and folders too.

Do Your Data Recovery Professional is one of the best Windows XP data recovery software available in the market. It is already helped many users to recover their lost data, it can help you too for the purpose.