When you first use Windows 10, the system will suggest you to create a new online store account (Microsoft account) to manage your PC. Some users tell us that they find some files were gone after login on to Windows 10 with new account. The files can be lost from Desktop, Documents Folder, C drive or other hard drives. We don't have to struggle with finding the reasons resulting in loss of data. The more important thing is to find a solution to get lost files back.

When you find that some files were lost after login with Microsoft account, please don't write data to your PC any more. Immediately find a data recovery tool to help in retrieving lost files.

Do Your Data Recovery Professional is such a data recovery tool that is capable of recovering lost files from your new account Windows 10 PC. It can recover lost photos, documents, videos, emails, icons, music and other lost files from the hard drive where you lost the files.

How to Recover Lost Files after Login on to Windows 10 with New Microsoft Account?

As I said before, you don't have to find the data loss reasons. Just download the Windows 10 data recovery software as soon as possible to get lost files back. You also don't have to turn to somebody to teach you how to use the program since it is very easy to use. The three data recovery steps are simple and clean.

Step 1: Select the Location where you lost the files.

Select the location like desktop, c drive, d drive to start scan. Do Your Data Recovery supports to recover lost files from any location, hard drive on Windows 10.

recover data after creating Windows store account

Step 2: Select file types you want to recover.

You can select the file types that you want to recover before starting scan. Then scan your hard drive.

recover data after creating Windows store account

Step 3: Preview and save the lost files.

After scanning, Do Your Data Recovery will create a list of recoverable files. You can preview all recoverable files. Then select the wanted files and save them.

recover data after creating Windows store account

Do Your Data Recovery is a very powerful data recovery software. If you can’t find all lost files after quick scan, just try advanced recovery mode. This mode will deeply scan your hard drive and find much more lost files. This powerful data recovery software even can help you recover lost data from crashed hard drive or deleted hard drive partition.