"My PC runs old Windows 2000 operating system. Yesterday I formatted one of the hard drives which was full of my documents and photos. Till this morning, I realized I had made a big mistake. Now I just want to recover partial or all the lost files from the Windows 2000 formatted hard drive. Any suggestion?" - Khoie

When you deleted files on Windows 2000 hard drive or format the hard drive, the files will not permanently lost from your Windows 2000 hard drive. The files just are hidden and the disk space of the deleted files is available for new data. Before new data take up the disk space, the lost files can be recovered by third-party software. In this article, you can learn how to recover lost data from Windows 2000 hard drive with DIY data recovery software.

Before giving Windows 2000 file recovery solution, you should know some key points. When you realize you have lost your files in Windows 2000, you'd better stop writing to the hard drive where you lose your files. If you put new files to the hard drive, the new files will overwrite the disk place of the lost files that makes data recovery get more difficult.

Windows 2000 Data Recovery Software

There are a lot of data recovery tools that can help you recover lost data under Windows operating system. Do Your Data Recovery Professional offers complete and outstanding Windows 2000 file recovery solution for retrieving deleted, formatted or lost files.

Do Your Data Recovery Professional provides two recovery modes – quick recovery and advanced recovery for you to scan your Windows 2000 hard drive to find lost data. Unlike other data recovery software, Do Your Data Recovery Professional is very easy to use. The very clean interface makes the recovery steps easy, no previous data recovery experience required.

Three Steps to Recover Lost Data in Windows 2000

Step 1: Choose the hard drive.

Select the hard drive where you lose your files, you can recover lost files from hard drive and external device.

Windows 2000 Data Recovery Solution

Step 2: Select file types and scan your hard drive.

Select the files types you are looking for suck as videos, photos, audio, documents, archives, etc. Then click on "Scan" button to start scan your hard drive.

Windows 2000 Data Recovery Solution

Step 3: Preview the files and save them.

When scanning gets finished, all the files will be listed on the software interface. It allows you to preview the files before saving them.

Windows 2000 Data Recovery Solution

How to Avoid Data Loss on Windows 2000 Hard Drive?

You can never avoid data loss. But there are some ways to protect your data and make minimize the probability of data loss. Here some useful tips:

  • Use system optimization tools to make computer run better.
  • Back up your important files to external hard disk.
  • Make backups with backup software.
  • Sync your files to cloud storage.
  • Keep Do Your Data Recovery Professional on your computer.