24-01-12 21:47:32
  • Very easy to use, highly recommended

    by Norie
    23-09-01 20:42:35
  • Works well on macOS Sonoma, M2 MacBook Pro.

    by NICKY
    23-01-22 14:26:27
  • I love this smart app, it can do most of things on my Mac.

    by Andrie
    21-01-27 16:34:07
  • Thank you, I am a Windows 7 user and get a new Mac. This app is great, very simple to use.

    20-11-18 19:56:57
  • I am a newbie. I don't like the macOS, however, this app makes mac OS become easy and simple to manage.

    by Lisa Aoris
    20-11-18 19:56:02
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    by Peter
    20-11-18 19:44:35
  • I like this amazing start menu. It has many wonderful features like format hard drive, add/remove startup menu, quick vist my folder, etc.

    by Kevin J