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Summary: How to clone hard drive partition? Just download the best disk cloning software - DoYourClone to help you easily and securely clone had drive partition on Windows/Mac OS and clone it to external hard drive, USB flash drive, etc.

“Hi, I want to clone a 800GB hard drive partition to my WD external hard drive, how to do it?” - Mark

How to clone hard drive partition? Well, partition is a file system or parts of data storage media on the hard drive or it could be the process of dividing the free space on the hard drive to provide a file system on the free space on the hard drive, then the free space on the hard drive that has been given the file system while the hard drive is partitioned into two in the hope that the existing bad sectors will be separated into one unused partition.

The term hard drive partition is often closely related to computers. This hard drive itself is a piece of hardware that functions as a storage medium on a computer. In order for more effective hard drive management, the term partition is needed in computer operation.

Easy method to clone hard drive partition

Hard drive partitioning is a method or way to share a hard drive on a computer that aims for more effective data management. This includes data that functions as a computer operation as well as ordinary data such as document files, photos, videos and so on. Then, can you copy data quickly from one partition to another on the same hard drive? You can. Here is how to clone a hard drive partition using the DoYourClone software.

Download and install DoYourClone on your computer, then choose partition clone mode to clone one partition to another hard drive partition or USB flash drive, portable hard drive, etc.

Step 1. Select the source partition and the destination partition. It will clone the source partition to the destination partition.

clone hard drive partition

Step 2. Edit the disk layout, then click on Clone button to start to clone the source partition to the destination partition. Please note that the original data on the destination partition will be erased.

clone hard drive partition

Step 3. Once the cloning process gets finished, you can check the cloned data on the destination partition/external device.

clone hard drive partition

By using the drive partition copy feature on DoYourClone, you can easily copy data between partitions on the hard drive. This method is easier and faster than you have to use the regular copy feature of Windows or Mac OS. Then, for additional information, can you clone on a different hard drive? You can. DoYourClone also can help you quickly clone an entire hard disk.

Now you know how to clone hard drive partition using DoYourClone software. As you can see above, there isn’t so many steps to do. You only need to do a few clicks and wait for the process to be done. How easier can that be? Download DoYourClone here:

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