safe data erasure for SSD

Summary: To remove data completely and permanently on SSD, you need reliable SSD data erasure software. We recommend DoYourData Super Eraser to help you. It’s the best and safe SSD data erasure solution by using this software. The software provides different options to wipe data on SSD.

Why do you need SSD data erasure software?

It’s necessary to erase data on SSD if you want to remove sensitive data off the drive. Also, before abandoning, donating, or selling your SSD, you should also deleted and wipe the data on the drive first. Only after wiping the data permanently, you personal information will not be get by others. You may think deleting the files or formatting the SSD will remove the data permanently. However, if you only deleted or quick format an SSD, it will not wipe the data permanently.

After a quick format or you delete some files, the data is still on the drive. But the system will mark the space of the files as usable. Then if you add new files to the drive, the files may use the space and write over the lost data. Before you write new data to the drive, the data is still recoverable and could be retrieve by data recovery software.

But you can try to wipe the data by a complete or full format. It will take a long time but will wipe the data. However, it will reduce the service life of SSD if you do complete format. It’s due to the mechanism of SSD. So it’s not the best solution ans safe SSD data erasure solution.

In such a case, a reliable and safe data wiper is needed. DoYourData Super Eraser, as a professional and secure data wiping tool, is the best choice for you. The software can wipe the data on your SSD. After wiping the data with this software, it’s not able to recover the data in any way. You can then feel free to trade in, give away your SSD.

How to erase SSD data with the software?

To wipe data safely on SSD with this tool, you can try different options depends on your own situations. There are 3 modes in the software to wipe data. Here we will show you the 3 options one by one. Please check and choose the proper mode in your own case.

Mode 1. Erase Files/Folders from SSD.

If you just want to shred some individual files/folder on y our SSD, you can use the first option. It will only shred the selected files/folders without affect any other files. You can use this mode if you just want to destroy some existing files on SSD.

shred files from SSD

Mode 2. Wipe Hard Drive - wipe entire SSD.

Before you trade in or donate your SSD, you can choose this mode to wipe all the data on the SSD partition. It will wipe all the existing or deleted/lost data on the SSD.

wipe SSD

Mode 3. Wipe Free Space - erase deleted data.

The last mode can be used after you delete some files. As mentioned before, if you simple delete some files, they could be recoverable. To avoid any recovery possibility, please try the last mode. It will wipe all the deleted/lost data on the free space.

erase deleted data on SSD

In conclusion

For personal information security, it’s very important to shred or wipe your private data completely in some cases. Especially when you need to sell or donate the SSD. If you fear of your private or sensitive data being stolen in such cases, you can have a try with DoYourData Super Eraser. It’s able to help you permanently and securely wipe data on your SSD, HDD, thumb drive, and so on. It’s the best solution to help keep your own information safe and avoid data breach.