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how to recover lost .tex files

What is .tex file? A TEX file is a source document prepared by LaTeX, a high-quality typesetting system. It can include text, symbols, mathematical expressions, and graphics. TEX files are commonly used in computer science, electrical engineering, statistics, economics, and physics for typesetting articles, books, and other publications. If you delete a TEX file, and can’t find it in recycle bin, you still can recover it. With right data recovery software, you can easily get lost TEX files back.

Do Your Data Recovery is a powerful data recovery software. It can help you find and recover deleted/lost TEX files on both Windows and Mac OS. It is 100% safe data recovery software, and it is very easy-to-use. Just download it when you are going to recover lost TEX files.

Note: please don’t save new files to the hard drive where you lose your TEX files, in case that the new files would overwrite the deleted/lost TEX files. Immediately run Do Your Data Recovery to scan your hard drive and get lost TEX files back.

What can Do Your Data Recovery do?

  • Recover permanently deleted TEX files.
  • Recover lost TEX files when the lost TEX files can’t be found in recycle bin.
  • Recover lost TEX files from formatted or erased hard drive.
  • Export TEX files from damaged or inaccessible hard drive.
  • Recover lost TEX files due to OS crash, reinstalling OS, logical error, virus infection, partition loss, etc.

Three steps to recover lost TEX files

Do Your Data Recovery is complete DIY data recovery software. It can help you easily and quickly restore lost TEX files from any hard drive or external device. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1. Choose the hard drive where you lose your TEX files.

Run Do Your Data Recovery on your computer, then select the hard drive where you lose your TEX files.

how to recover lost .tex files

Step 2. Scan the hard drive to find lost TEX files.

After selecting the hard drive, then click on Scan button to scan the hard drive. Do Your Data Recovery offers two data recovery modes: quick scan and advanced scan. Just try advanced recovery if the quick scan mode can’t find all lost TEX files.

how to recover lost .tex files

Step 3. Preview and recover lost TEX files.

After scanning, just preview all recoverable files. Then select the TEX files and save them on your hard drive.

how to recover lost .tex files

Do Your Data Recovery has the most advanced data recovery technology. Just run it to deeply scan your hard drive, then it will find all lost files including lost TEX files. It even can help you recover lost TEX files from lost hard drive partition.

Permanently delete TEX files

If you want to permanently delete TEX files to prevent data recovery, just free download the data erasure software - DoYourData Super Eraser. It offers certified data erasure software to help you securely/permanently erase TEX files. Once your TEX files are erased by DoYourData Super Eraser, the TEX files will be lost forever, can’t be recovered by any data recovery software.

shred .tex files

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