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Safari bookmarks

“Is it possible to recover deleted Safari bookmarks? About two and a half hours ago, I accidentally deleted all of my bookmarks from Safari on my Mac. Since I realized my mistake, I have been searching for a solution to help me restore my deleted Safari bookmarks for hours. Is there any one can offer me one that will really work?”

Is It Possible to Recover Deleted Safari Bookmarks?

Bookmark is very important for us to get a quick access to a certain website or content again. Like most modern web browsers, Safari, the official browser from Apple also enables you to bookmark web pages you plan to revisit.

Sometimes, you read some interesting or important content while surfing the internet and bookmark it so that you can read it again in the future or get help from it. But later, you accidentally deleted the bookmarks or just find your bookmarks get lost due to unknown reasons. It is a very painful while encountering such a situation.

The good news is that Safari bookmarks recovery is possible. Now check out the best 2 ways of restoring deleted Safari bookmarks.

Method 1. Recover Deleted Safari Bookmarks from iCloud

iCloud lets you sync and store data with your Mac, iPad or iPhone, including your Safari bookmarks. Should you happen to have iCloud configured and have an iCloud account, you can use it to recover deleted Safari bookmarks with no efforts.

Important Note for Deleted Safari Bookmarks Recovery

Only the Safari bookmarks deleted within the last 30 days can be recovered from iCloud.

Please turn off or disconnect from the internet immediately. This is to prevent automatic syncing of the device which will remove the deleted Safari bookmarks from iCloud backup and result Safari bookmarks recovery failure.

To recover deleted Safari bookmarks from iCloud, follow the steps:

Available bookmarks can be sorted by Date Deleted, Name, or Folder. To the right of the version you want to restore, click Restore.

1. Go to, and log in by entering your Apple ID and password.

2. Click Account Settings, and under Advanced, click Restore Bookmarks. A new window will open and show you all the recoverable Safari bookmarks you have archived.

3. Quickly find the right of the version you want to restore by sorting them by Date Deleted, Name, or Folder. Finally, click Restore.

4. Click Restore again when a new information popup appears and saying: "The archive of bookmarks you selected will replace bookmarks on all your devices. Your current bookmarks will be archived".

recover deleted Safari bookmarks via iCloud

After finishing all the above steps, you just wait for the Safari Bookmarks to be restored. As we know, iCloud only allows you to access a Safari bookmark that you deleted within the last 30 days. If the Safari bookmark were deleted over 30 days ago, this method will not work. Then, how can you retrieve a Safari bookmark that you accidentally deleted?

Method 2. Recover Deleted Safari Bookmarks with DoYourData software

In this case, a third-party Safari bookmarks recovery software is the last method you can try. Here, Do Your Data Recovery is our recommendation. Download it here:

It can recover deleted Safari bookmarks in various issues such as – accidental deletion, emptied trash, system crash, Virus attack, macOS update, other scenarios etc. Now, download and install this Safari bookmarks recovery software and learn how to recover deleted Safari bookmarks using this tool with ease step by step.

To recover deleted Safari bookmarks without iCloud, follow the steps:

Step 1. Run Do Your Data Recovery to start deleted Safari bookmarks recovery.

Open Do Your Data Recovery for Mac, then select the hard drive to find deleted or lost files.

select hard drive

Step 2. Scan the hard drive to find the lost Safari bookmarks.

Click "Scan" to find all the lost data including Safari bookmarks. It take a while for the program to finish the scanning process.

scan hard drive to find lost Safari bookmarks

Step 3. Preview and recover deleted Safari bookmarks.

After scanning, all the lost and existing files will be displayed on the left side in well-organized categories and you can preview detail contents of you lost data. Choose "Documents" will help you find the deleted Safari bookmarks quickly. Finally, mark the Safari bookmarks you want to get back and click "Recover" button to save them on your computer.

preview and recover Safari bookmarks

As you’ve seen, it is very easy to restore deleted Safari bookmarks with data recovery software. Here are some other tips for you to use Safari browser:

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