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PDF file is one of the most common file formats for writing documents. For Mac users, when the PDF gets deleted or formatted, there are some good solutions to do PDF file recovery on Mac. In this article, you will get a very easy solution with DoYourData Mac data recovery software to recover lost PDF files from Mac machines or storage media under Mac OS.

Mac PDF File Loss Problems:

  • Deletion & command + delete – In most cases, people lose their PDF file by deletion or command + delete. When you delete your PDF file on Mac and empty the trash bin, the PDF file will get lost from your Mac.
  • Format or erasure – When you format your Mac or erase the hard drive, all the files including PDF files will be removed from your Mac hard drive.
  • Virus infection – This reason will lead to errors or data loss on your Mac. When your hard drive or PDF file has been infected by virus, you have to find a solution to kill the virus an restore lost data.
  • Other PDF loss situations – Such as power failure, Mac volume loss, reinstallation, OS X or macOS upgrade etc.

Follow these steps to recover lost PDF files from Mac

Step 1: Stop writing to your Mac.

Before you recover your PDF files, please don’t write new data to your Mac in case that new data will overwrite the disk space of the lost PDF files.

Step 2: Download and install DoYourData Mac data recovery software.

DoYourData provides safe and easy solution for Mac users easily and quickly recover lost files from Mac hard drive or storage media under Mac OS. Click on the following download button to download this software on your Mac. Then install it on your Mac.

Step 3: Run DoYourData Mac data recovery on your Mac.

Select the file types you want to recover. For PDF file recovery, just select “All Documents”, then click on “Next” button.

recover lost PDF file from Mac

Step 4: Select the hard drive to scan.

Select the Mac hard drive or device where you lose your PDF file to start scanning.

recover lost PDF file from Mac

Step 5: Preview the PDF files and recover them.

After scanning, you can preview the recoverable PDF files, then select the target files to save them back to your Mac.

recover lost PDF file from Mac

DoYourData Mac data recovery software is very easy to use yet powerful. The wizard-based interface makes PDF file recovery on Mac become easy and quick. It also supports to recover other kind of files on Mac including documents, photos, audio files, archives, emails etc. For most of people, losing important PDF file must be a very bad thing. Fortunately, with the help of DoYourData Mac data recovery software, everyone can easily recover deleted or lost PDF files from Mac hard drive or storage media like USB drive, Memory card, SD card, external hard disk etc.


  • 1. Before you retrieve all your lost PDF files from Mac, you should not put any new files to your Mac.
  • 2. It is recommended not to save the recovered files to the drive where you lose them.
  • 3. If you have not found your PDF files after quick scan, try advanced recovery mode to deeply scan your Mac hard drive to find more lost files.
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