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“My WD Elements SE SSD is not recognized by my Windows 11 PC, I have to format it. However, all my documents are erased and can’t find them anywhere. Is there any way to get the lost documents back?” - Juna

Recover Lost Data from WD Elements SE SSD

If you lose important data on your WD Elements SE SSD, you'll probably do everything you can to find a way to get it back again. Picture this: Your important data is gone, precious images, important business papers, and files that can't be replaced. That could have been lost because of an accidentally deleted file, problems with connection, disk format or something else that wasn't expected for. But there is reason to be positive - it's not lost forever.

You can get back deleted/lost files from your WD Elements SE solid-state drive if you follow the steps in this article. We will lead you through the world of rehabilitation processes, giving you the knowledge to find your way through this digital maze by showing you step-by-step processes and useful tools. Get ready for an adventure in data recovery. We'll show you how to regain those lost files and restore your digital life.

Causes of File Loss on WD Elements SE SSD:

WD Elements SE SSD is one of the best portable SSDs. Most people rely on WD external hard drives including SSDs to save their important data. Consequently, most users will find data loss to be an annoying situation. Most data loss from WD Elements SE SSD occurs due to the following:

  • There was an unintentional deletion of the data file.
  • Formatting the disk or fragment failed.
  • The disk's file system is corrupted.
  • Threatening viral assault.
  • Your external hard disk is not being removed correctly.
  • Power outage suddenly.
  • The hard drive has crashed.

Among the data above sources, human mistake ranks highest as a source of data loss. Regularly tidying up your data lowers the chance of data loss and is the greatest approach to minimizing human error.

How to Recover Lost Data from WD Elements SE SSD?

Method 1. Utilizing Data Recovery Software

Choose trustworthy data recovery software compatible with your OS, then download and install it.

Do Your Data Recovery is a powerful, 100% safe and easy-to-use data recovery program for both Windows users and Mac users.

Do Your Data Recovery

  • Recover permanently deleted files on WD Elements SE SSD.
  • Unformat WD Elements SE SSD.
  • Recover inaccessible or lost files from WD Elements SE SSD.

Follow the steps below to restore lost files from a WD Elements SE SSD:

Step 1. Connect WD Elements SE SSD: Once the system discovers the SSD, connect it to your computer through a USB port.

Step 2. Launch the Recovery Software: Launch the data recovery program you installed and choose the WD Elements SE SSD to scan.

Recover Lost Data from WD Elements SE SSD

Step 3. Look for Lost Files: Use a thorough or deep scan to find deleted files and folders. The time it takes for the drive to scan depends on its capacity.

Recover Lost Data from WD Elements SE SSD

Step 4. Preview and Recover: The program will show you what files can be recovered after the scan. Check the files' integrity by previewing them, then choose the ones you want to recover. Now, you can move the recovered data to a new storage medium.

Recover Lost Data from WD Elements SE SSD

This is the easiest way to recover lost files from your WD Elements SE SSD. Do Your Data Recovery offers 100% effective WD external hard drive recovery solutions. Whether you have formatted the WD Elements SE SSD or delete all data from it, just try this data recovery software.

Method 2. Use CMD or Terminal (Mac)

  • Start typing "cmd" into the Start menu to open Command Prompt (CMD) on Windows. Then, launch it with administrative privileges.
  • To open Terminal on a Mac, go to Applications > Utilities.
  • To identify and fix logical faults on the WD Elements SE SSD, use the tools provided by Diskpart (Windows) or Disk Utility (Mac).
  • The scanning and repair procedure can be started by running commands such as "chkdsk" (Windows) or "fsck" (Mac), followed by the drive letter or path.
  • Please be aware that while command-line solutions may be useful for fixing small file system problems, they may not be able to restore deleted files successfully.

Method 3. Seeking Professional Data Recovery

Expert data recovery services should be used if none of those solutions work or the disk has sustained physical damage.

Find trustworthy data recovery services that specialize in SSD recovery and get in touch with them. When it comes to data recovery from broken drives, they have the tools and the facilities to handle it.

Steps to Avoid Data Loss in the Future:

Once you have recovered your lost data, you should take precautions to avoid future incidents:

  1. Regularly back up your vital data using external storage devices or online services.
  2. Data Protection Software: To safeguard your files from malicious software, install antivirus software.
  3. Properly Eject the SSD: To prevent data corruption, always safely eject the WD Elements SE SSD from your computer.
  4. Firmware upgrades: To make your drive more stable and secure, check for manufacturer-provided firmware upgrades regularly.


While it's unfortunate when your WD Elements SE SSD experiences data loss, it is often possible to successfully retrieve your vital information using the correct method and equipment. If you follow the steps and take the necessary safety precautions, you can improve the odds of data recovery and stop data loss in its tracks. Keep your cool, move quickly, and get expert aid if you need it to recover your data and protect yourself from danger.

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