More and more users will use SSD to replace HDD now and in the future. There are different reasons to swap the drive. Clone HDD to SSD is one of the effective methods to upgrade HDD. On this page, we will show you how to clone HDD to SSD with a professional disk copy software.

Why use SSD over HDD?

Users choose SSD to replace HDD is to take advantage of speed benefits. SSD run faster than HDD that can help you get better experiences. If you use an SSD as system drive, it can boot up faster than normal HDD. Moreover, it can help you run some applications faster and reduce the loading time.

Also, there are some other advantages using SSD. For instance, it’s noise free to use SSD, power consumption is very less, size of SSD is small as SSD uses NAND flash to store data, and so on.

Why clone HDD to SSD?

In order to update HDD to SSD, you cannot replace the drive directly if you also need the data or system on HDD. In such a case, it’s needed to clone HDD to SSD directly. Clone HDD to SSD can ensure the data and partition(s) be cloned together.

If you want to swap a system HDD with an SSD, you also need to clone the drive directly. It can not only clone the data on the drive, but also it can make sure the clone SSD boot up normally. Then you can use SSD to replace the HDD as startup disk.

What do you need to clone HDD to SSD? First, you need to get the HDD and SSD ready for the disk copy. If you want to clone a HDD, please first stop using it and connect it to the computer. Also, please prepare an empty SSD that has enough space more than the used space on HDD. Second, you have to find a professional disk copy tool. To clone HDD to SSD effectively and securely, a disk cloning software is needed. We suggest DoYourClone for you in such a case. Please download and have a try first.

How to clone HDD to SSD?

It’s very simple to clone HDD to SSD with the software. In a few steps, the software can help you clone HDD to SSD and create an exact copy of your drive successfully. Here are the steps you can follow to clone the drive.

Step 1. Connect the HDD and SSD, then please start the disk cloning software.

how to clone HDD to SSD

Step 2. Choose HDD as source and SSD as destination, then start the clone process.

how to clone HDD to SSD

Step 3. Once the HDD is cloned to SSD, you can then check if the disk copy is completed successfully.

how to clone HDD to SSD

If you also want to clone HDD to HDD, clone SSD to SSD, clone SSD to HDD, DoYourClone is competent of the task. The software can clone the drive in different cases on your computer.With this comprehensive disk copy tool, you are able to clone your drive securely and completely.