R-Wipe & Clean is a data erasure tool that is developed by R-Tools Technology. It is also the R-studio data erasure solution that can prevent erased data from being recovered by data recovery software including R-studio data recovery. In this article, we will introduce a R-Wipe & Clean alternative that is much more easy-to-use and powerful. It can help you securely erase data from hard drive or storage media, make data recovery impossible.

Windows & Mac R-Wipe & Clean Alternative

R-tools data erasure solution is developed about 10 years ago. So it is not very easy to use. Here is another data erasure tool named DoYourData Super Eraser. This tool is very simple to use and can erase data from the latest hard drives and storage media devices. So it is the best R-Wipe & Clean alternative. It is fully compatible with all the Windows versions and macOS versions. So it can help you erase data from a PC or a Mac.

Main features of R-Wipe & Clean:

  • Advanced data erasure algorithms make sure permanently erasing selected data.
  • Three data erasure modes.
  • Erase data from hard drives, USB flash drive, external hard drive, memory card, SD card, digital camera, RAID, Server and other data storage device.
  • Clean up all traces of internet activity.

R-Wipe & Clean alternative only permanently erased data from your hard drive device. It will not cause any physical damage to your hard drive or device. Instead, it will permanently erase unwanted data and help you regain a brand new hard drive/device. So it is a good choice when you want to recycle a computer or device.

And the erased data is permanently lost after erasure. So you can run R-Wipe & Clean alternative to securely sensitive data before you sell, donate or give away your old computer, camera or other device.

Three Data Erasure Modes of R-Wipe & Clean Alternative

R-Wipe & Clean alternative offers three data erasure modes to meet various data erasure needs.

R-Wipe & Clean Alternative Mode 1: Erase Files

This mode can help users selectively erase files and folders from hard drive or storage media. For example, if you want to erase 10 documents, just add the documents to the erasure list and click on "Erase Now" button to permanently erase them.

R-wipe alternative, R-wipe clean alternative

R-Wipe & Clean Alternative Mode 2: Wipe Entire Hard Drive

This mode is the solution to wipe all the data on a hard drive or storage device. When you want to wipe all data on a hard drive, just select it and click on "Wipe Now" button. All the data and traces on the hard drive will be securely erased by R-Wipe & Clean alternative.

R-wipe alternative, R-wipe clean alternative

R-Wipe & Clean Alternative Mode 3: Wipe Free Disk Space

This mode can help you erase already deleted or formatted on the hard drive. It will not affect the existing data on your hard drive.

R-wipe alternative, R-wipe clean alternative

R-Wipe & Clean alternative is a very powerful data erasure tool. The erased data is lost forever, can’t be recovered by any data recovery software or service. So please back up important data before you run R-Wipe & Clean alternative to erase your hard drive.