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"We often store images or photos on Mac. For me, I regularly copy images and photos from my digital camera or iPhone to my iMac as backups. But there are always unexpected disasters in our life. Last night, I lost some of my images when I cleared my Mac with some kind of Mac clean software. Those images are very important to me for they are part of my memories. I am badly in need of free Mac images recovery software which can help me get the lost images back." --- Lisa

The above is one of our customers' stories. At last Lisa successfully recovers her images without laying out any cash. And you? Have you ever lost your Mac images? If your answer is YES, you need to know how to get lost images back with Mac image recovery freeware. There are a few free Mac image recovery software tools --- Do Your Data Recovery for Mac Free is the best one that you can rely on. It provides two recovery modes for Mac users to recover lost images and lets Mac users get lost images back in 3 simple steps.

How to Use Mac Image Recovery Freeware to Recover Lost Mac Images?

Do Your Data Recovery for Mac Free is a full version Mac data recovery software tool that can recover lost images and other files from Mac, Server System, digital device etc. The Quick Recovery mode takes only 4-5 minutes to scan your Mac drive to find deleted or recently lost images. The Advanced Recovery mode will take longer time to detect Mac drive then find much more lost images. We recommend that you try Quick Recovery mode at first because it takes much less time. Follow the steps below and you can easily get lost images back from your Mac.

Step1: Download Free Mac Image Recovery Software.

Click the Download button to free download free Mac image recovery software - Do Your Data Recovery for Mac Free and install it on your Mac. The program is 100% clean and safe.

Step 2: Launch the Mac Image Recovery Freeware.

The program is very easy to use. You don't need to read the user guide. Just follow the wizard-based interface, a few clicks will do the recovery process successfully. First of all, choose the file types you want to recover.

free Mac image recovery software

Step 3: Scan the Hard Drive to Find Lost Images.

Choose the hard drive where you lose your images. Then scan the hard drive to find deleted/lost images.

free Mac image recovery software

Step 4: Recover and Save the Images.

Do Your Data Recovery for Mac Free will find lost images. After preview, please recover and save them on your Mac or other device. We recommend you to save them on another safe place, such as iCould or secondary hard disk etc.

free Mac image recovery software

Do Your Data Recovery for Mac Free not only can recover lost images/photos, but it also can recover lost documents, videos, audio, emails, archives, etc. It also offers deep scan mode to ensure finding every recoverable file on your hard drive.

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