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M1 Chip Mac data recovery

Some of the latest Mac machines comes with several updates, including Apple's new M1 chip (M1/M1 Pro/M1 Max/M1 Ultra). M1 chip and the new system macOS Big Sur work together and make the entire system faster and more secure than ever. However, it is not immune to data loss cases and you may lose data on M1 chip Mac. It’s not easy to recover lost data from M1 chip Mac due to the security mechanism of M1 chip. Most of the data recovery software cannot recover data from M1 chip Mac successfully like other common data recovery situations.

To recover data from M1 chip Mac effectively, you have to find a professional M1 data recovery tool first. Fortunately, Do Your Data Recovery for Mac is such a data recovery application that supports M1 chip Mac data recovery. It can recover deleted or lost data in any other data loss scenarios on M1 chip Mac.

Recover lost data from M1 chip Mac with data recovery software

As a professional and reliable data recovery product that supports M1 chip Mac, Do Your Data Recovery for Mac can retrieve lost data from M1 chip Mac effectively. It can recovery different types of pictures, videos, audio, documents, archives, or other files on Mac.

Besides, the software is very easy to do the job. It’s able to recover lost data from M1 chip Mac in a few steps with the software. Please just do as follows step by step.

Step 1. Download and install the M1 Chip Mac data recovery software.

First, please download and install the data recovery software to your M1 chip Mac. Then you can start it from the launchpad.

Step 2. Choose the disk of M1 chip Mac drive.

If you lost data from the drive on M1 chip Mac, please check and ensure to choose the correct drive from the device list in the software.

M1 Chip Mac data recovery - select hard drive

Step 3. Scan the drive of M1 chip Mac.

Click the “Scan” button and the software will scan the drive automatically. It’s able to scan and search for all the lost data on the drive.

M1 Chip Mac data recovery - scan hard drive

Step 4. Preview and recover data.

After the scan is done, you can check and locate the wanted files among all the found files. Select the files and recover them to another drive.

M1 Chip Mac data recovery - recover files

Restore files from Time Machine backup

There is another solution that can help you recover lost data in case of data loss. If you have Time Machine backup for your M1 chip Mac before, then it’s will be easy to get back the lost data from the backup directly. So we also suggest you always create Time Machine backups for your M1 chip Mac or any other Mac machines.

With Time Machine backup, you can restore individual files or even restore the entire system along with personal data. We can show you the steps to restore specified files from Time Machine backup.

  • 1) Connect the Time Machine backup disk to your M1 chip Mac.
  • 2) Start Time Machine application. It will show you all the backups available.
  • 3) Please browse and preview the data in any version of the Time Machine backups.
  • 4) Locate and find the wanted files, then click “Restore” the files.

TimeMachine backup recovery - M1 Chip Mac data recovery

Note: It will restore the files to the original location(s) by default. If you want to restore the files to another location, please choose the files, right-click and choose “Restore to” to restore to a specified locations. Or just select the files and choose “Copy” to copy the files and paste to another location.

Final conclusion

To protect data and avoid data loss on M1 chip Mac, it’s highly suggested to back up the data with Time Machine or any other backup software or methods. Then you can restore your lost data from the backups if data disaster or data loss happen in the future. If you haven’t created any backups for your data on M1 chip Mac and lose data by accidentally, please stop using the Mac and use the most reliable and professional data recovery software - Do Your Data Recovery for Mac - to recover the lost data as soon as possible.

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