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Autographer launched the world first wearable camera in 2012. Now it is a very famous camera brand around the word. A few Autographer users once asked us about how to recover lost photos or videos from Autographer camera. Now you can get the Autographer camera photo recovery solution from this article. Whether you delete photos from Autographer camera or format your Autographer SD/Memory card, you can easily recover the lost photos back. Of course the solution applies to video recovery from Autographer camera.

When you delete a photo from your Autographer camera, the deleted photo is not erased forever. Before new photos or videos take up its space, the deleted photo can be recovered by our data recovery software. So if you want a very successful photo recovery, please stop using your Autographer camera when you find your photos are lost.

DoYourData software is capable of recovering lost photos, videos from Autographer camera. Actually it can recover lost photos or videos from almost all kinds of cameras. It gives users best data recovery experienced with simple interface. You can easily download, install, and run it to recover photos from Autographer camera. Click the following button to download the right version to your computer.

Autographer camera photo recovery solution

As said, our data recovery software is very easy to use. You should not be a data recovery expert. If you can use your computer, you can use DoYourData. A few clicks can bring your lost photos back.

Step 1: Connect your Autographer camera with your computer.

Connect the Autographer camera to your computer so that Do Your Data Recovery can recognize it. Just select the Autographer camera to start data recovery.

Autographer camera photo recovery

Step 2: Select file types that you want to recover, like photos, videos

Select file types you want to recover from the Autographer camera.Then click on Scan button to scan the Autographer camera.

Autographer camera photo recovery

Step 3: Preview the files and recover them.

After scanning, you can preview all recoverable files. Then select the wanted photos and videos and save them to your computer.

Autographer camera photo recovery

If your Autographer camera is damaged, pull out the SD/Memory card. DoYourData will help you recover lost photos from the SD/Memory card. It is recommended not to save the recoverable photos directly back to your Autographer camera in case that some lost photos may be overwritten. If you can't find all the lost photos after a quick scan, you can try the deep scan more to find more lost photos. It takes more time to finish the process, so please be patient.

DoYourData supports to recover raw files from your Autographer camera. But the raw files. name are changed because that the some information related the files. name are changed. You should save these photos on your hard drive and rename them. You can also recover lost video recordings from Autographer camera with DoYourData software. DoYourData is an all-around data recovery tool that can give you the best data recovery solution for data recovery from hard drive, digital device or storage media. Just download it now, and recover lost photos, videos from your Autographer camera as soon as possible.

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