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recover data from Plugable NVMe external SSD

“I have a Plugable NVMe external SSD drive and recently it fails unexpectedly. What’s worse, my files saved on this disk haven’t been backed up. Now what can I do to recover data from Plugable NVMe external SSD?”

5 Common Reasons for SSD Data Loss

Providing faster access time and data read/write speed, SSD is replacing hard drive technology and is used in more and more modern laptop computers or PCs. But just like ordinary hard drives, data loss issues happens now and then on Solid State Drives due to various reasons, for example:

  • Careless file deletion or disk formatting
  • Virus or malware attacking or infection
  • Partition loss on SSD drive
  • Unpredictable System failure or crash
  • SSD drives get damaged

When any of these things happens, the results can be catastrophic since we rely upon computers for safekeeping of your important data. In this case, SSD data recovery is the only choice to get back all the lost files.

Is it Possible to Restore Files from Plugable NVMe External SSD?

But is it possible to restore files from an SSD? Yes, but with certain limitations that are not an issue with data recovery performed on traditional mechanical hard drives.

  • In situations where you have inadvertently formatted a partition or are experiencing performance problems, an SSD data recovery can be done using a file recovery tool.
  • It is virtually impossible to restore data from an SSD drive when files or folders have been deleted.

Different from a deleted file on a traditional mechanical hard drive which is physically retained on the disk and is accessible and recoverable with data recovery software until the space is reused and the former information is overwritten, when a file is deleted from an SSD, the flash memory is essentially cleared due to the technology known as SSD TRIM, leaving no file remnants to be scavenged by data recovery software. In this case, the lost data is not accessible and recoverable.

Note: Not all SSDs have TRIM enabled. If yours does not, then you can recover deleted files from SSD.

Tips to increase your chances of a successful SSD data recovery:

Before trying to recover data from Plugable NVMe external SSD, you need to perform some operations to increase your chances of a successful SSD data recovery.

First, stop using the device that contains the SSD immediately upon discovering that you suspect that you will need to perform an SSD data recovery. The goal is to eliminate all disk activity with the SSD until the data recovery is complete.

Second, try Do Your Data Recovery to recover the lost files from SSD as soon as possible. Here, please note that don’t download and install on the SSD drive that will be used in the data recovery. If the drive is the main disk of your computer, you are recommended to perform the data recovery from another connected PC.

Next, let’s look at how you can retrieve data from a formatted or failed SSD.

Steps to Recover Lost Data from Plugable NVMe External SSD

Step 1. Select Plugable NVMe external SSD to start data recovery.

Connect Plugable NVMe external SSD to your computer, Do Your Data Recovery will quickly recognize it. Select the Plugable NVMe external SSD to start data recovery.

recover data from Plugable NVMe external SSD

Step 2. Scan the Plugable NVMe external SSD.

After selecting the Plugable NVMe external SSD, just click on Scan button. Do Your Data Recovery will scan the Plugable NVMe external SSD to find deleted or lost files.

recover data from Plugable NVMe external SSD

Step 3. Preview and recover lost files once the scan gets finished.

Once the scan gets finished, Do Your Data Recovery will show all recoverable files in your Plugable NVMe external SSD. You can preview these files. Then select the wanted files ad save them.

recover data from Plugable NVMe external SSD

Do Your Data Recovery offers two data recovery modes: quick scan and deep scan. If you have not found all the files you want, then try advanced recovery mode to find much more lost files. This powerful data recovery software can help you recover lost data from Samsung portable SSD, Seagate hard drive, WD external hard drive, memory card, digital camera, PC, Mac, etc. Download it here:

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