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How to clone APFS hard drive on Mac? Just free download DoYourClone for Mac. It can securely clone APFS hard drive, or make a disk image of APFS hard drive.

Through this guide, we will show you how to clone APFS hard drive on Mac. Although some users may think it is something very complicated, it is not totally true; we can easily do it if we use a great cloning software like DoYourClone for Mac. People often store a lot of important data on local hard drives or external hard drive disks. Some of these data are: photos, contacts, e-mails, notes, music files, PDF files, word documents, recordings, images, and more. In some cases, it is necessary to make an extra backup in order to protect data or simply free space in the hard drive.

There are several reasons why people decide to clone APFS hard drive on Mac. Sometimes, the hard drive is very old or maybe it is not working well; the hard drive might be damaged, corrupted, or infected by viruses. In some cases, there is not enough space on the hard drive, so it is necessary to delete hard drive or copy data on other hard drives. One great option is cloning the hard drive or if we prefer, we can copy only some specific files. Here, we will recommend using DoYourClone for Mac to easily clone data in a safe way.

DoYourClone for Mac

  • Easy way to clone hard drive data on Mac.
  • Create a bootable backup for Mac.
  • Support for both Intel Macs and Apple Silicon Macs.

Easy steps to clone APFS hard drive on Mac

DoYourClone for Mac is considered as one of the best programs targeted at cloning data on Mac. Before cloning hard drive, we need to verify how much space we have on the destination hard drive and also decide if we want to clone specific data or the entire hard drive. The first thing we have to do is downloading and installing DoYourClone software on the computer. Then, run this program on Mac and follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose the source hard drive and the destination hard drive.

First of all, we have to select the drive where we have the information and the hard drive where we want to clone these files. These drives are known as source hard drive and destination hard drive.

clone APFS hard drive on Mac

Step 2: Copy APFS hard drive on Mac.

Then, copy data from the hard drive to the destination disk. Just click on the “Copy Now” button and wait until this process is over.

clone APFS hard drive on Mac

Step 3: Check APFS hard drive copy on the destination.

When all data are copied on the destination hard drive, we have to verify if the cloning process was carried out successfully or not.

clone APFS hard drive on Mac

Clone the APFS startup disk to an external hard drive

If you want to make a bootable backup for your Mac, just choose mode - Clone OS. Then select an external hard drive as the destination drive. Click on Clone Now button to securely clone all data from the startup disk to the external hard drive & make it be bootable.

clone APFS hard drive on Mac

Create a disk image of an APFS hard drive on Mac

DoYourClone for Mac also can create a disk image of APFS hard drive. Just choose mode Create Disk Image and choose the APFS hard drive as the source drive, then create the disk image of the APFS hard drive, save the disk image to the destination drive.

clone APFS hard drive on Mac

DoYourClone for Mac is one of the best programs to clone APFS hard drive data and many people prefer and recommend it since it is reliable and very simple to use. We can copy data from one hard drive to another one without having any data loss.

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