Nowadays we do understand the importance of data security. To protect our privacy or business information, we should permanently delete related files or folders in certain circumstances. We know that we can delete a file by right-clicking the file and clicking 'Delete' or 'Shift + Delete'. But the files or folders can also be recovered with data recovery software even if you have emptied the recycle bin. Other methods like formatting the hard drive yet can not permanently erase your files from hard drive. So how to permanently delete files or folders on hard drive or storage device?

The ordinary operations of deletion like right-clicking Delete, Shift + Delete, dragging files to recycle bin or emptying the recycle bin only delete the entry of the files. In other words, the deleted files are only hidden, they remain on the hard drive. A data recovery tool like Do Your Data Recovery can recover the deleted files with easy steps. If you want to permanently delete files or folders, you have to use a third-party software tool to destroy and overwrite the deleted files or folders to make them permanently lost.

Super Eraser is one of the most outstanding secure erasure software that can permanently delete files or folders on hard drive or storage device like USB drive, SD card, external hard disk etc. It will delete, destroy, and overwrite your files and folders to make them permanently lost from your PC, Mac or other device. Once the erasing process gets finished, the erased files or folders can never be recovered, they are just permanently disappeared from your computer. Nobody will know, will be able to recover these files or folders.

Now see how to use Super Eraser to permanently delete files or folders

Step 1: Download and install Super Eraser on your PC or Mac. After installation, launch it.

Step 2: Select the files or folders you want to delete, and start erasing.

As we said before, once the process gets finished, the selected files or folders will be permanently deleted on your hard drive with no scope of recovery. And the process can't be stopped or paused when it starts. So please think carefully, operate carefully.

Permanently Delete Files or Folders

After deleting the files using DoYourData Super Eraser, your files get permanently lost. If you want to check the erasure quality, you can run a test by using our free data recovery software – Do Your Data Recovery Free to recover the files (see if you can find the erased files). In our tests, we can't recover the erased files by any data recovery software.

Permanently Delete Files or Folders

DoYourData Super Eraser is equipped with strict & effective data erasure methods/standards. We make sure that you can permanently delete files or folders with the help of Super Eraser.