Reset GoPro HERO10 Black to Factory Settings

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GoPro is an incredible invention for all the photographers out there. The picture quality is just superb. The camera includes multiple features, where better still images, 23.6-megapixel captures, and excellent performance even in dim light are the most prominent features.

It is pretty simple and easy to use. Even a beginner can capture beautiful moments just like a pro-photographer. The improved processing capabilities of this camera make it a superior option for all photographers.

Instead of these jaw-dropping features and outstanding performance, many times, because of multiple reasons, the camera may not be performing well. At that moment, resetting the GoPro to factory settings seems to be a good option. Besides it, you can also think about factory reset; if you are interested in selling the camera.

With factory reset, you can resolve so many issues quickly pretty efficiently. So, if you are interested to know the ways to reset the camera to factory resetting, give a read to this article!

When You Feel Need to Reset GoPro HERO10 Black to Factory Settings?

There are so many times where you can feel it’s time to reset your GoPro HERO10 Black device. For instance, you may have made some changes that are entirely unknown to you, and now you are interested in reversing them.

Moreover, there is another possibility, and the camera would not be working in the right way. So, in all of these scenarios, the only solution which comes to anyone’s mind is factory resetting!

Besides it, whenever you decide to resell your GoPro HERO10 Black camera, it is far better to delete all the data. And for this purpose, you can reset it to factory settings. In this way, you can delete all of your files permanently from the camera.

How to Reset GoPro HERO10 Black to Factory Settings?

To reset your GoPro HERO10 Black to factory resetting, follow the under given steps:

Step 1. From your camera, swipe down to go to the dashboard.
Step 2. From the dashboard, go to preferences. And, then scroll down to choose reset.
Step 3. As you will choose the “reset” option, a list will appear on your screen. Step 4. Scroll down; at the end of the list, you will get the chance of “factory reset”.
Step 5. As you will choose factory reset, you will get two options there.
Step 6. Choose “reset”, as a result, all of your data, pictures and connections will be removed. And, this action will remove the GoPro HERO 10 from the cloud account.

The resetting will take a while or few minutes.

Please note that the lost data in your GoPro HERO10 Black can be recovered even after factory reset. Check this guide: recover lost videos and other data from GoPro HERO10 Black >>

How to Permanently Erase Data from GoPro HERO10 Black?

Before you sell or donate your GoPro HERO10 Black, you’d better permanently erase all data in it. Factory reset can not permanently erase your data - with right data recovery software, the lost data can be easily recovered. If you want to permanently erase data from your GoPro HERO10 Black, you can use data erasure software - DoYourData Super Eraser.

DoYourData Super Eraser

  • Permanently erase data from GoPro camera including GoPro HERO10 Black.
  • 100% safe, it will not cause any damage to your GoPro HERO10 Black.
  • Once the data is erased by this software, the data is lost forever, can’t be recovered by any data recovery software.

Now, follow the steps below to wipe all data from your GoPro HERO10 Black to prevent potential data recovery:

Step 1. Download and install DoYourData Super Eraser on your computer. Then connect the GoPro HERO10 Black to this computer.

Step 2. Open DoYourData Super Eraser on your computer, and choose data erasure mode - Wipe Hard Drive. This mode will help you permanently erase all data from your GoPro HERO10 Black.

Permanently Erase Data from GoPro HERO10 Black

Step 3. Select the GoPro HERO10 Black and click on Wipe Now button.

Permanently Erase Data from GoPro HERO10 Black

Once the process gets finished, all data will be lost forever.

Permanently Erase Data from GoPro HERO10 Black


There are specific reasons which urge the GoPro HERO10 Black users to reset their camera to factory settings. In this way, a user can get over all the issues regarding camera performance. In addition, the users can also delete all of their videos and pictures before selling the camera.

In case if you are not familiar with the way to reset your GoPro camera, you can find it here. It is pretty simple and easy to follow. Hopefully, after resetting, your camera will show an excellent performance just as you wish.