4K format was named because it has 4000 pixels horizontal resolution approximately. Meanwhile, standard 1080p and 720p resolutions were named because of its vertical resolution. If you delete or lose important 4k videos on Mac, we can offer right solution to help you recover 4k videos on Mac. For example, if you are caught the following situations:

  • I deleted some 4k videos on my Mac or some unit of portable storage. And I wonder if it is possible to retrieve them on my Mac.
  • I formatted an external hard drive and I had forgotten to export some videos 4K that I had stored there. Will it be possible to recover them with my Mac?
  • I've used a program to recover 4k Videos on Mac that I deleted, but the videos 4K retrieved by this program may not be reproduced in any media player. Is there any way to recover without this happening?
  • I have an USB device which is corrupted, is it possible to recover 4k videos from the USB flash drive on Mac.

If you want to answer those questions about recovering 4k Videos on Mac, keep reading this article, we present you a quick and easy way to recover those 4k video files without any kind of inconveniences.

The best 4K video recovery software for Mac

One of the most important aspects of 4k videos is its high quality, 4k video recovery software for Mac could help you retrieve all the 4k videos you lost from your hard drive, USB device, digital camera, external hard drive or media player without losing quality. In addition to that, you can also recover 4k videos of internal or external drives that have been formatted or that are inaccessible from a browser on Mac OS.

We recommend Do Your Data Recovery for Mac. It is reliable and easy-to-use 4k video recovery software for Mac. It can 1:1 recover deleted, formatted or lost 4k videos from Mac hard drive, digital camera/camcorder, memory card, USB flash drive, external hard drive, etc. Download it here:

Easy steps to recover lost 4k videos on Mac

Step 1: Select file types you want to recover.

When you run Do Your Data Recovery for Mac, the first thing you should do is select the types of files you want to recover before starting the scan. To retrieve 4k videos, just select Videos.

recover 4k videos on Mac

Step 2: Choose the drive or device where you will find the videos 4K that you want to recover.

To retrieve your deleted/lost 4K videos, just choose the hard drive where you lost them. Then proceed to click on the "Scan" button to start the scanning device so that you can find your eliminated 4k videos.

recover 4k videos on Mac

Step 3: Recover lost 4k videos after scan.

After scanning the hard drive or storage device, you can preview the recovered files by type, just click on "Video" and there you will find all the 4k videos, just select the 4k videos you want to recover and save them on your Mac or in some external device for later use.

recover 4k videos on Mac

Do Your Data Recovery for Mac can 100% recover lost 4k videos on Mac without any loss. It also can help you export lost 4k videos from inaccessible hard drive/device under Mac OS.