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Who can't leave the computer behind? I am sure plenty of you raise you to hand immediately. Yes, most of us cannot spare a day without computing; be it work or other activities. The computer is really a big help for most of us. There are plenty kinds of a computer with the various operating system as well. One of the famous and sophisticated operating system is Mac operation system. Many people claim that this operation system has the effectiveness as well as easy to use. However, it does not mean that Mac operation system can't fail or error. Many of us surely have experience the missing file conscious or unconsciously. Well, it happens sometimes in Mac operation system when it has certain circumstances.

What is the cause for missing file?

That is exactly a good question. We need to know the cause of the problem before finds the solution and also to avoid the same problem to occur in the future. There are several factors that cause the suddenly disappeared files.

There is a problem related to the power system such as power outages.

  • Improper shutdowns – if you often perform a hard restart or long press the power button, the chance for missing file is likely high.
  • Problems with hardware – this problem is related to hardware, for example, bad RAM, hardware failure, and such thing.
  • Problems with eject – failure when ejecting external hard drives or storage devices prior disconnecting or power of can make certain files disappear.
  • Programs failure especially which results in hard restarts or incorrect data saving.

What to do when it happens?

If you are experiencing some of the problems above, you will likely prone to get some of your files disappear. The, what to do when it happens? Is there any way to restore the files? People, relax, I know it hurts when the important files are missing, but thanks to the technology there is a way to recover suddenly disappeared file under Mac.

The very first thing that you should do is analyze the problems and recall how much the missing data. If you have a small amount of file only, you have a higher chance to restore it. Then, from the moment you realize that there are some missing files, immediately stop the hard disk usage; for example, stop the process of downloading or transferring any files into the disk and anything that will likely associate with the disk. Use the hard disk as minimal as you can. After that, you can download the recovery program to recover suddenly disappeared file under Mac. There are plenty of similar programs; however, one of the best features is the Do Your Data Recovery for Mac. Using this program, you can recover your missing files with three simple steps.

After downloading Do Your Data Recovery for Mac, make sure to save it in a different disk from the one which is corrupted. This program has two main features which are quick and advanced recovery mode. The quick recovery mode will scan the device and find the missing file in just a minute. If you cannot find the files, the advances recovery mode will find much more missing files.

Three steps to recover suddenly disappeared files on Mac

Run Do Your Data Recovery for Mac on your Mac computer, then it will take only three steps to completely recover suddenly disappeared files on your Mac.

Step 1: Choose the file types you want to recover.

What files do you want to recover? Just choose the file types you want to recover.

recover suddenly disappeared files under Mac

Step 2: Scan the hard drive.

Choose your Mac hard drive, then click on Scan button to scan your Mac hard drive to find suddenly disappeared files.

recover suddenly disappeared files under Mac

Step 3: Preview and recover lost files.

After scanning, you can preview the suddenly disappeared files. Then save the files you’ve lost.

recover suddenly disappeared files under Mac

Do Your Data Recovery for Mac can completely recover suddenly disappeared files. It also can help you recover lost files due to deletion, format, partition loss, etc. So, when your files are lost on your Mac for no reason, just download this powerful Mac data recovery software to help you recover suddenly disappeared files.

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