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Safe & Powerful Undelete SD Card Software

by Justin Kenny, 2015-11-18

Undelete SD Card Software from DoYourData

There are countless tips for SD card data recovery, but which one can ensure you a 100% guarantee of getting files back? You don't know, do you? That is why we provide safe and powerful undelete SD card software. We want to users who lose files on SD card can easily and effectively undelete data on SD card. What kind of advantage should a good undelete SD card software has? Good recovery quality, fast scan speed, or more. DoYourDat has all the advantages. It is the reliable undelete SD card software that can solve the data loss problems on SD card.

It provides two recovery modes to ensure best data recovery quality. The quick recovery mode is for recovering deleted files. It is the fast way to undelete SD Card data. But sometimes, it may need a deep scan to find your files. The advanced recovery mode will apply a deep scan on your SD card and find much lost files. And it supports to recover any formats of files like photos, videos, music, documents, archives, emails etc. It just the best undelete SD card software that can recover everything you want to recover.

Easily Recover Data on SD Card

This undelete SD card software is very simple easy to use. After downloading it on your computer, you should install it on your computer. At the same time, you should plug your SD card into computer. The undelete SD card software will detect the hard drive and find your SD card when it is connected. Select the SD card where you lose your files as the selected device to start recovery. And before the undelete SD card software scan your SD card, you have the choice to select the file types that you want to recover or the program will find all types of lost files on your SD card.

undelete SD card software

After quick scan or deep scan, all the recoverable files will be listed based on Type, Time and Path that can let you easily and quickly find the files you want to recover. Of course, you can search the file by file name. DoYourData also lets you could preview the files before you decide to save them on your computer. It is not recommended to save the files on the SD card because it may cause permanent loss of data. As the powerful undelete SD card software, DoYourData can undelete data or recover files from SD card due to deleting, formatting, virus attacking, card damage, read failure etc. Moreover, if you can not access to your SD card, DoYourData still can retrieve all the files that stored in the card for you.

undelete SD card software