In order to permanently erase data, you need special data erasure tool. If you just delete your files or format hard drive, the deleted/formatted data still can be recovered by data recovery software. CCleaner data erasure software is one of the best solutions to securely erase data from hard drive or storage media under Windows OS/Mac OS. It can help you securely erase sensitive data, beyond the scope of data recovery. Just free download it here.

How to use CCleaner data erasure?

How to permanently destroy data? It means erasing every bite of the data and overwriting the disk space of erased data to avoid data recovery. It sounds a bit complicated. Don’t worry. CCleaner data erasure software gives you an easy way to destroy data under different situations. It offers three easy data erasure options to help you securely destroy targeted data.

Option 1: Permanently Erase Files/Folders

CCleaner data erasure software allows you to selectively erase files or folders from your hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, digital camera or other storage media. You just need to select the files or folders and click on "Erase Now" button.

CCleaner data erasure

Option 2: Completely Wipe Hard Drive

This option can help you wipe hard drive or storage media to erase all the data and traces. It will not only destroy the existing data, but it also will erase the deleted or lost data on the hard drive or media.

CCleaner data erasure

Option 3: Securely Erase Deleted/Lost Data

How to thoroughly erase the data that has been deleted or formatted? This option will help you erase the free disk space to permanently destroy the deleted or history data on your hard drive or storage media. It will not affect the existing data on your hard drive.

CCleaner data erasure

Why choose CCleaner data erasure?

Compared with other data erasure solutions, CCleaner data erasure software is much easier to use. It is complete DIY data erasure tool. So even the most inexperienced user can use it to destroy data from any kind of device. It is fully compatible with all popular Windows operating systems and Mac operating systems.

With advanced data erasure technology, CCleaner data erasure software can help you completely destroy targeted data. Once the data is erased by CCleaner data erasure software, it is permanently lost. No data recovery software can recover the erased data.

It is strongly recommended to securely erase your sensitive data with CCleaner data erasure software under the following situations:

  • Before you resell, donate your PC, Mac, camera, etc.
  • You don’t want to use your old device any more.
  • You will lend you device to other person.
  • You are sharing a device with other people.
  • You are going to send your device to a repair store.

Nowadays, cyber crime becomes more and more rampant. It is very important for us to erase sensitive data before we dispose our computer or device. CCleaner data erasure software gives us power and easy solution to erase data from hard drive or storage media to avoid data leakage.